Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Sunday

My visitors were off to Victoria Falls this week.  They went to Harare and picked up a new visitor, April Crothers from Kansas and off they went Sunday for 3 days in Victoria Falls.  They get back to Harare Tuesday night and then pick up another visitor at the airport on Wednesday afternoon and then head home.  Gives me a few days by myself to get ready for the 2 new visitors and cooking for 6 of us when they get home!

Yesterday morning we took the LandRover and the tractor and trailer and headed off for a Big Sunday at Mukowe (3 hours from here).  Big Sunday means several churches from 1 area meet together for service, usually the last Sunday of the month and they take turns to be the location where held.  This Sunday we had Hambakwe, Batanai, Jinga, Chijkawi, and Marere churches meet at Mukowe church.  

We had 22 people in our LandRover going and 23 coming back!  Yes we can fit that many people in (some were kids).  Then Major drove the tractor and there were 48 in the tractor trailer and riding on the tractor mostly church members from Batanai!

We finally arrived at 1 p.m. and they had been singing since 11 a.m. waiting for us.  They had been meeting in a classroom, but by the time we arrived there were too many people and so we moved outside.  By the time were outside there were well over 250 people there.

After 3 more hours of singing, dancing and preaching, they fed us all sadza and chicken and we all headed for home at 5:15 p.m.  We got home at 8:15 p.m. after a full day of church, but it was wonderful and our car was singing all the way there and back.  

We do it again in a month when we go to Chijawi.  We were happy to be at Mukowe as this is where we have built the 2 school blocks and teachers houses  through the generous financial help of ZRSD program from the UK.  Major was able to meet with the headmaster and builder and talk about some things they need to work on in the buildings.

Singing with the congregation

Crowd in the school room before we moved outside

Tractor and trailer arriving with people from Batanai church

Crowd outside singing

Batanai youth group singing special music

Major preaching the sermon

 Welcoming the women who came forward to repent

Sadza and chicken for lunch at 4 p.m.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

New church, Progress on Fire Re-build!

On Sunday the 14th of June a group of us took off in 2 trucks to meet with a new church plant in Hambakwe.  This is in Chief Mujinga's area and quite a drive from Chidamoyo.  It took us 2 1/2 hours to get there over some pretty rough road.  We stopped once so Major could get a coke on the way.  Some of the road seemed like dried up river beds--but we finally arrived to  big group of women who came singing and dancing to our trucks to meet us.

We finally started church about 1 p.m. with over 80 people.  About 15 people had come from the nearest church of Marere to help encourage the church.  Major preached and a youth led the singing and service. 

They served us a lunch of sadza and fish heads--a big surprise for my visitors that went with me.  They ate the sadza and juice and some veges.

We have made the commitment to encourage them and provide a preacher for the next month to get them going and on their feet.   We left at 4 p.m. for home.

We drove home another way which in mileage was quicker but still a rough and long road.  We stopped at our village at Batanai on the way home.  We traded cars with Major as our Jeep was on empty and continued home.  When we got home we discovered the house keys had been left in the Jeep!  We had to wait another hour and Major showed up so we could get in!

Then I proceeded to pack for a 2 day meeting in town that we were leaving at 5 a.m. for the next day.  Just as I went to get into bed I got called.  The doctors were doing a C/Section and another lady walked in with an arm and cord presentation.  I ran to help and see if we could push the arm up--no luck!  I went in and said sew the other one up fast we have another one waiting!  They were to the skin--so we quickly moved that patient out and brought the new one in and cut!  We did 2 C/Sections in 2 hours!  We were moving!  All moms and babies were fine and went home later this week!  PTL!  It was a bit hectic--but God got us through it!

After that we decided to leave at 6 a.m. so we could get some sleep and so Dr. Munodawafa and I took off and got there in time to wait for an hour before the meeting really began--1 1/2 hours late!  No hurry in Africa!

So Monday and Tuesday we were in Chinhoyi for a Maternity and Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity meeting.  It was interesting and also was good to hear how well our hospital did compared to others.  After our presentation someone asked how we kept our morbidity and mortality down and our answer was "we don't believe in killing people!"  Everyone laughed and then I said--God is our BIG help!

It was so cold in Chinhoyi--in the evenings you just give up trying to get anything done and go to bed!  Down to high 40's when we were there!  Winter is really here!

Wednesday Major left with John and Rileigh to do some errands in Harare and then proceed to Masvingo and Mashoko.  Unfortunately on Thursday morning we received word that his brother-in-law, Patience's brother, had died in South Africa after a fall which resulted in a sub dermal hematoma.  At 45 he leaves 2 children who are 10 and 8.  He lived in the same city where Michael goes to University.  Major returned home to be with Patience.  They are still waiting for the body to be brought from South Africa to Harare in order to bury.  It looks like it will be Tuesday or after next week. Please keep them in prayer--this was Patience's only brother.

We are happy that the builders have been working very hard on the rebuilding of the kitchen/laundry/storerooms and dining room to replace the fire damage we had.  They have finished the electricity, the ceiling, floors and plastering.  We now will work on rhino board for the walls and painting and then some tiling and cupboards for the kitchen.  It is looking so good!  We have some plumbing to do for some sinks in the kitchen and dining room.  We continue to work with the money the government has granted for this rebuilding.

Rachel learned to draw blood this week

Youth at Hambakwe singing for us

Major preaching Sunday

Rachel and friends at church Sunday

Rileigh, John, Major and Patience at Hambakwe church

Laundry which has been plastered and ready for painting

Kitchen with wires for the stove and electric sadza pot--pass through window into dining room on right

New dining room

New dining room with pass through window to kitchen for serving food

 Dining room looking out on tuck shop

From kitchen looking down hallway to laundry rooms

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Schedule for home leave

We have made firm plans for our return to the US in August and want to share it with people so we can plan to see you near to your home if we are there.  Major and I will be coming together and he will be leaving a month before me.

We arrive on the 26th of August at 1 pm in San Francisco

On August 30th we will be at Adventure Natomas in the morning and Adventure Roseville in the evening.

We will be in Sacramento until the 1st of September and then we return to Santa Rosa to leave for Wichita on the 3rd of September and will be with Countryside Church there until the 7th.

We will then be in Carl Junction with the Barringer family from September 7-10 and on the 10th fly to Seattle.

We will be with the Tozier family from the 10th until the 13th in Union, WA for Lindsay Tozier's wedding on the 12th.

From the 13th-25th of September we will be with Larry and Cheri Gail and our big fundraiser is on the 19th of September.  Why not join us in Seattle for dinner and the fundraiser and auction.  If you can't join us, buy a ticket and help sponsor money for the hospital projects we are raising money for.

From the 25th-5th of October we will be in Santa Rosa and will speak on the 4th at Westview Christian Church in Santa Rosa.

From the 5th-15th we will be in Los Alamitos with the Minnis family and hope to see friends in the Southern CA area and speak on the 11th at Lemon Grove Christian Church.

On the 15th of October we will fly to Alburquerque and be with Dale and Sue Alice Erickson and visit Durango Christian Church in Colorado on the 18th.

On the 19th we fly to Indianapolis and will spend time with several friends in the state before speaking at Veedersburg, IN on the 25th of October.  On the 26th we head for home in Santa Rosa and Major leaves on the 30th of October.

November I will be in Santa Rosa with my family before leaving on November 30th.  My whole family will be together for Thanksgiving on the 28th of November for the first time in over 10 years.

We will be using Sylvia's phone and you can contact us on: 707-484-9868 after the 26th of August.  We look forward to seeing all of you!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Busy week, more visitors, lots of surgeries

This has been a busy 2 weeks.  On the 25th of May the eye team from Norton came to do cataract surgeries for our patients here.  They were here from Monday until Thursday morning and they did over 60 cataract removals in that time.  We enjoyed their time with us and we appreciate their hard work for our patients.

On the 27th of May Rachel Nutt from Carl Junction, MO arrived to do a 2 1/2 month internship with us.  She is in nursing school and has come to get experience at our hospital.  On the 29th of May Rileigh and John Schuck arrived from Indiana.  They are primary school teachers who are moving to Nairobi, Kenya in July to teach at a private school there.  They are spending their time here helping students in the high school to learn English and prepare for their exams. 

 The exciting part of these visitors is that both of these people are grandchildren of founders of Chidamoyo Christian Mission.  Rachel's grandfather and grandmother, Ziden Nutt and his wife Helen were the first missionaries at Chidamoyo.  they built the hospital.  Rachel's father, Tom was born while they were here.  

Rileigh's grandparents, Bruce and Carolyn Ammerman came to work with Ziden and Helen a year after they opened the mission.  Her father, Tod was also born here when they lived here.

How exciting it is for me to have grandchildren here to see where their parents grew up.  They are all busy and seem to be enjoying the work.

Last Saturday we had 4 visitors from Zimbabwe Christian College, Sidnye and his wife Cecillia Mahodza who is the principle of the college and Paul and Melody Fudge who are teaching for 2 months at the college.  They were with us here for a month 2 years ago and this time they have come back to help at the college from their home in Florida.  They came on the night we celebrated Michael and Patience Mereki's birthday.  Michael had just arrived home on his break from college that just finished for the year.  We enjoyed dinner together and celebrating Michael's 22nd and Patience's____!

We have been very this week with 5 C/Sections since last Sunday.  This is more than we usually have for the whole month and 2 of them were very difficult ones.  God was with us and all women are recovering well.  Our new doctor, Dr. Munodawafa is really being thrown into the the fire with Dr. Isala on leave.

John and Raleigh

Birthday Dinner with friends

Michael and Patience blowing out their candles

 Dr. Ute and eye team working

Rachel working in theater

Spending a lot of time this week in theater