Namibia vacation, New curtains for WMS, Carolyn in Seattle

On the 26th of April I went into the hospital in Harare to have a right kidney stent removed and replaced.It went well and I was out the same day.  They have to be replaced every 3 months and this was my third one.  Spent the next day in Harare and then headed for home on the 28th.This is hopefully my last stent as I will be leaving mid-August to go to the USA to have surgery at Stanford Hospital in California that should correct future problems.  My doctor here can't wait!!
On the 30 of April after work I left with Major and his wife Patience to drive to Harare.We got there shortly after midnight and by 4:30 a.m. we were up to leave by 5 a.m. for the airport for a 7:20 a.m. flight to Joburg, South Africa.Michael, Major’s son met us at the airport in Joburg and went on to our hotel near the airport to spend the night with us.The hotel had a free shuttle to the nearest mall and so we spent the afternoon shopping before we took off the next morning—all 4 of us for Windhoek, Namibia.

New Borehole, Seva leaves and Happy Easter!

We are getting some rain late in the season—more in April than we had in February and March.It’s too late for the crops but a great help to our water table and for drinking water in the coming dry season!Definitely weird to have this rain now.It should be getting cooler and dry! With Seva and Elliot, my visitors, we have enjoyed going out with Major to visit some of his churches away from the mission.  It is always a fun time for us and the churches.
This week we got the hand pump borehole that was donated by the Gulaliev family of NYC who donated this is in memory of their parents.This has helped our pregnant women who were getting up at 4 a.m. to go join the queue 2 kms away to get water—now they walk very close and pump what they need as many times a day as they need.We are so thankful for this and the rains are giving us plenty of water!
Seva, our visitor since early February left Wednesday to return to NYC.She will be writing her MCAT test to get into Medical School in May so please…

Cyclones, hot weather, new borehole

It has been a busy two weeks at the hospital.It has also been the hottest March I have ever had in Zimbabwe in my 38 years of living here.We had 1 ml of rain in the whole month.Everyday it has been 100+ degree heat and down to low 80’s at night.It hasn’t given us much energy to do much but work and sit by the fan!
In mid-March there was a huge cyclone that came in through Mozambique and hit our Eastern border.Many people lost their homes and all they had, including over 200 dead.It was quite a tragedy for our country.Many areas got rain from the cyclone-we got a bit of clouds for two days, but not a drop of rain!
Many people dropped us emails to see how we did through the cyclone.We were fine and not even a drop of rain. Thanks for all of you who were concerned for us.
Every Friday morning after devotions we have a continue education for a medical staff.The nurses take turns and our doctors and visiting staff to present clinical cases.We always have fun and have a great learning time.  E…

Drought continues, trip to Zambia, New Mattresses, Elliot's birthday, Research team here

It has been a busy month with visitors, lots of activities and no rain!We are in the midst of a drought that is affecting most of southern Africa.So on top of all the problems with the economy and shortage of money, inflation and loss of value of the local currency, we are now facing drought and lack of food and it is more than another year until a harvest!Life is about to get a lot harder for all in Zimbabwe.It was in the newspaper this week that most suburbs will only get water for 2 days a week starting now to ration the water.No rain expected until November or later the end of this year—so that’s a long time to ration.My house is Harare has a borehole but the water table will go down a lot!
On the 21st of February we went to a clinic 2 hours from here to add more children into our research study.I took my 3 visitors and our research assistant and we drew the 43 kids.Most are not doing so well so we hope to get them on better drugs so they can do better.We had a fun time going out a…

Rain, beautiful rain!

Well things have quieted down a bit in the country.Still no buses moving in our area and a few Kombis.This has kept our patient load down a lot, bringing in only the most serious patients.Many are coming in Scotch Carts or paying someone with a private car to bring them.
This last week we have had lots of rain in our area which has been great.Some of the maize might be saved in our area.We have enjoyed rain every day since last weekend and cloudy skies which helps keep the land wetter.Keep praying for rain!The southern part of the country will have drought this year.With the bad economic times in the country this means many will be without food.
This week I had 3 young college graduates join me here.Claire, is from Illinois and has been accepted into a Physician’s Assistant program in Boston that starts this fall.She was here in Jan-Feb 2018 and decided to come and join us again before she starts school.  She is here for 5 weeks.
Elliot and Serva are recent graduates of University of Was…