Getting ready to go to USA

It has been a busy last 2 weeks as I prepare to go to the US for 4 months.All the things I need to do to get my house ready to be gone and my work ready to be gone can be quite overwhelming.Many people must do the many jobs I do each day.To keep a hospital running can be quite a job!We had visitors last week starting on Tuesday the 13th when Janice and Faye Rosevit, song evangelists from Colorado Springs, CO came to visit.They were last here in 1985!They remembered meeting me when they arrived on the 4th of July and I was wearing Red-White and Blue.They had also been here in 1969 and 1972.They did a concert for us on Tuesday night and then devotions at the hospital on Wednesday morning and then another concert on Wednesday night.On Wednesday night we had other church choirs join to present music too.Our chapel was full of people and all appreciated their singing—they do lots of Shona songs!They left on Thursday to continue their trip to Zambia, Cairo, Egypt and Norway.We told them not…

Busy July and welcome August 2019

It has been a very busy month with limited electricity and lots of work, so I finally have a minute to sit down and catch everyone up!
On July 12th we welcomed 3 last year medical students from Norwich, UK.Sophie Edmonds, Naomi and Dhiviya.We welcomed them into our family and the fit in so well.They got started at the hospital and on the 14th we sadly said good by to Dr. Derek, Mrs. Jo and Tyler and Emma Taniguchi who had been with us for 2 weeks.We enjoyed their time and help with us.
On July 16th we welcomed a new group of Larry and Cheri Gail with their sons Ethan (16) and Eli (9) and their niece, Kalin Marino (from Ohio) and neighbour Claire Hodges (sophomore at UW).Six new people and our 3 medical students, added to a large gathering at mealtime, with lots of fun!
We kept everyone busy doing Immunization clinics, unpacking boxes from our newest container, organizing Major’s cupboards and helping with vital signs.Even Eli, who is 9 years old did Blood Pressures in our outpatient depa…

Lots of visitors, container arrives, surgeries, Rhino camp and more visitors!

On June 25th we welcomed our research team from Stanford and BRTI Labs in Harare.We also had visitors from Gilead Drug Company in San Francisco, CA that is sponsoring our research, Dr. Dennis Israelski and his two sons Alec and Aiden.We put the kids to work on our IT problems and they were a big part of improvement for our research.They left on 27th after 2 days of hard work by everyone.
On June 26th we welcomed a new container from Sebastopol, CA.It was full of equipment for the hospital and we were able to start downloading it on the 28th and have been busy ever since working on it.
Dr. Kajese and Mr. Kudaona (the surgeon) and Mrs. Kajese and Pam came from Harare for surgeries on Saturday the 29th.They left Harare at 2 a.m. and were here by 6 a.m. for breakfast and then started on their long list of 16 people.They did hernias and 1 lipoma removal.They worked straight through the day until 5 p.m. to finish and then left at 4 a.m. the next day.We are so thankful for their generous donat…

Visitors and Friends of Chidamoyo Gift

It has been great in the last couple of weeks to meet up with old friends and new friends.What joy friends bring to our lives and what a great time of fellowship.
On 14th of June Major and his wife and I and his wife’s relative, Christine, travelled into for a quick trip to Harare and returned the next night.Christine and Patience spent most of Friday cleaning up my flat, which needed a thorough cleaning.I really appreciate this as many guests have been coming in and out.
Major and I got to meet up with Steven Marshall for lunch on Friday as he was back in the country visiting for just a couple of weeks.Steven is the son of the late Dale and Mrs. Linda Marshall who were our nearest missionaries in Chinhoyi for years.It was so good to see him and catch up on “old times.”He now lives in Boise near his mom.
On the 18th we were visited for a couple of days by Larry Van Dyke and his wife Candy.Larry’s mom and dad were missionaries in the 60’s and 70’s in Mashoko, Chiredzi and Masvingo.Larry’s…