Christmas 2019 and Happy 2020!

It has been a busy December and finally I have time to sit down and catch up everyone on news of Chidamoyo.Welcome to 2020!We all made it!

Major’s daughter, Carolyn, arrived on December 14 after finishing her finals for first semester of her sophomore year.She did very well and got all A’s and 1 B+ which she was disappointed with.She was ready to be away from studying and she slept a lot and I kept her busy with Christmas shopping and we went to a stage play, out to eat with many friends, went to a movie and spent time at Christmas with friends.

It was so nice for me to be home during Christmas—it has been a long time and I really enjoyed all the activities, decorating and outside lights.The activities at church and with family were so nice.We went looking at Christmas lights one night and visited a church who made up a little town of Bethlehem with live animals including a camel.

Carolyn and I made Christmas cookies, went in our PJs to a women’s church party for Christmas, and went with…

Happy Thanksgiving x 2, Go 49 ers!

Our family got to enjoy 2 Thanksgiving this year, which is nice since I am seldom home for Thanksgiving!On Saturday the 23rd of November my Brother-in-law Mike Fish from Reno, his daughter Tracy from Folsom, CA and his son Greg and wife Peggy Fish from Elk Grove, CA joined my brother and his family and myself and 2 relatives from my sisters-in-law family and my Zimbabwe family for a Thanksgiving feast.There were 16 of us and we had lots of food and lots of food.It was great to be with them.

My best girlfriend from junior high and high school, Maureen Yost, came down for the family Thanksgiving.  1she was married to be sister-in-laws cousin.  We were always hoping we would be related for life and we have been!

On Sunday the 24th of November my nephew Marc and I traveled to Santa Clara as I had been given 49er tickets in Seattle in September.We enjoyed an evening game and saw the 49ers win and become 10-1 for the season.It was supposed to be a tight game and the 9ers blew them away!Marc a…


How fun it was that I got to fly out to Kansas City, Missouri from CA on Thursday the 14th of November to attend International Conference of Missions (ICOM). I was met at the airport by the Jeff Barringer family from Carl Junction, Missouri.  They worked as our Maintenance family from 1990-1996 at Chidamoyo.  Their three children, Isaac, Sarah and Bethany are now all grown up and have 8 children between the 3 of them.  It had been 4 years since I had seen them, so it was great.  They had rented a big house for all of us to stay in and on Friday their youngest Bethany and her husband and girls joined us. Isaac Barringer and his wife and 2 girls are now missionaries in Cambodia and had just arrived home for their first furlough--only 2 months before they head back.  It was so great to visit with them and hear about their work. The sessions were great and exciting to hear all the work going on throughout the world.  I also attended a class and saw many old friends. The first day I saw Z…