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Surprise visit by thieves

On the 1st of July I went for my stent replacement.I was admitted—starved for 19 hours, waited in pre-op for 2 hours and then was cancelled due to complications with the patient in front of me. I told Major to come and pick me with food!!   They rescheduled me for the 3rd of July—just 2 days later, and so had a free day in Harare.With lockdown and trying to stay away from crowds we met Dr. and Mrs. Kajese (our doctor here from 2011-2014) for tea outside and went running around for supplies for the hospital.It was nice to have some human contact with friends—even with masks on and social distancing!!On the 3rd I got my procedure done and was home by 4 p.m.We came home to Chidamoyo the next day (the 4th) and had a day to rest before going to work on Monday--- I thought!At 0410 on Monday (the 5th of July) morning I was awaken to 7 guys yelling as they cut my fence and ran by my window and with 4 hits with a sledgehammer broke into my house.I had run to the dining room and asked them what…