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Christmas 2011

Cheryl, Mrs. and Dr.Kajese at Christmas brunch

Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch

Tea and Bread after church

Mrs. and Mr. Mereki and Carolyn and Michael

Church at the Hospital on Christmas morning

Michael holding a gift for the family

Michael opening a gift

Cheryl getting her gift bag from Major

Staff and their gift bags

Major as Father Christmas

Staff at the hospital party on 23rd

Caroling on the lorry

What a wonderful Christmas we had and I hope each of you did too. This has been a busy week leading up to Christmas. We had movies on Tuesday and Friday nights for 2 weeks leading up to Christmas. The community comes and joins us. We were happy to be rained out one night but postponed the movie until the next night. We were happy to have needed rain.
This past Wednesday night we went caroling in our lorry (big truck) and at each place we stopped added more people to the truck. We ended up with about 40 people squeezed in! We gave out sweets to all the people we sang for. Thursday was a holiday …

Container arrives!

African flying termite

The invasion begins--they love light!

Christmas is up at home!

Dr. Kajese and Dr. Kellert holding up ovarian tumor removed!

Starting the surgery for the ovarian cyst!

Starting to remove the container off the lorry

The Lorry arrives with the container

The container from Sebastopol Christian Church arrived on Saturday last week (10th of December). It was quite an experience to get it here; in fact it could be a movie script!
One of doctors left on Saturday at 6:30 a.m. to go to Chinhoyi with the driver and they only got about 5 miles away from the hospital when they found the truck bringing the container had broken down on our big hill (Dzimaiwei Hill—which means “Oh my goodness” hill) since the night before. The driver came back to tell us and quickly Major took off with the Land Rover and tractor to pull it up the hill. They got there by 7:30 a.m. and went to work. The doctor and driver went on to Chinhoyi (3 hours away) while Major went to work trying to get the t…

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is up!

Hysterectomy at Chidamoyo with Dr. Kabanzi and Dr. Kellert and myself doing anesthesia

Thanksgiving dinner at Chidamoyo

Students enjoying all that food!

Major is getting ready to eat!

Thanksgiving was celebrated here on Sunday November 27th. Thanksgiving Day is not a holiday here and so it is always a busy day and no time to cook the feast—so we usually have it on Saturday, but Major and family wanted to go home to plant that weekend so we had it Sunday night after church. We had Major and wife Patience, Dr. Kabanzi, Dr. Kellert and 3 medical students from University of Zimbabwe who are here for 4 weeks with us. We started by explaining what Thanksgiving was and they really got into the eating part!
We had planned on having chicken because turkey is hard to come by and very expensive here, but the driver didn’t get to the butchery in time to pick up the chickens I ordered and paid for, so we had one small chicken and roast pork with all the trimmings! We had a table fu…