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Update from Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Seth Millerwho had been with us for the past 3 months left on May 5th for some time in South Africa before heading home to New Mexico and then on to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to begin his Family Practiceresidence in mid-June.He got lots of experience seeing patients and different diseases here, so we wish him well in his next 3 years of residency!
On May 5th we had the wedding of the century at Chidamoyo!Bennie Munemo, a nurse at our hospital married Last Nyamaharo, a nurse and minister.Last used to work at our hospital and moved 2 years ago to Harare to work in a prison work as a nurse and a minister for the church their.Bennie’s mom, Mai Munemo, known as Mother also works at our hospital.We have been praying and working towards this wedding for several months (years!).
The 9 a.m. wedding finally started at 11:45 a.m. and with 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 4 junior bridesmaids and 4 junior groomsmen, 6 flower girls, ring bearer, and a best lady and best man besides the bride and groo…