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No ZESA, No water--Same Old Story in Zimbabwe!

New roof being nailed on
The roof going on
Nailing the new roof on to the Peds extension
Dr. Kajese, Dr. Kellert and Dr. Miller at work
Bob and men putting up the roof tresses
Dr. Seth Miller at work

Today I woke up and had a shower! Wow that was exciting. For the last month we have been struggling
with water here. Whenever we don’t have
power (a lot of the time in this rainy season) we can’t pump water with the
electric pump in Borehole #2. The diesel
pump has been giving us a lot of problems and finally gave up the ghost. Then we fixed up an old small generator
engine to use but it kept dying after 1-2 hours—so without electricity we
haven’t been able to pump enough water to keep up with the usage.
Everyday we send the lorry with barrels to get water from
the dam for mopping the floors at the hospital, keeping the toilets
washed. Then we send another vehicle to
the hand pump borehole to pump drinking water for the patients, cooking for the
kitchen and hand washing water.
Scrubbing for surgery s…