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Lori and Major at her going away with staff

Dr. Kirsty Smith at work on the CD4 machine

Ryan at ART/EPI clinic

Bob working in the dusty chapel

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Greg

We have been very busy with visitors this past week. Bob is here helping to put roofs on our 2 new additions. He is finding out things never move fast in Africa, so he has been keeping busy painting our new flats while he waits for the timbers to arrive for the roof.
On Tuesday afternoon last week, Lori Batten joined us. She came to pack up her household here and get her dog, Maputi and return to the US. She was busy saying good-bye and packing and left this morning for Harare to get Maputi on the plane home today and then she leave tomorrow afternoon. . We had a breakfast in her honor on Friday at work so she could say her good byes. She is working in Seattle. We wish her well as she adjusts to life in the US. While she was here running around in shorts, Seattle had a snow storm with 12 inches in some areas! She is looking f…

Happy New Year 2012!

Mom and stolen baby after reunited!

Bob and Cheryl at church on Sunday

Fireworks NY Eve

NY Eve celebrations at the church

Driving home on NY Eve

Mereki Family, Gladys and her maid and Dr. Kellert

Major exploring ruins in the Highlands

Dr. Kellert at Nyangombe Falls

Happy New Year 2012. As we say here “Makorkoto Gore Itsva!”
We went to the Eastern Highlands and stayed in Juliasdale from December 28-31. We stayed in a wonderful Inn across the street from Gladys. Cheryl and I had a fireplace in our bedroom, but we seemed inept in getting it to burn very long! It was cool and raining and so green! A different world from Chidamoyo. We haven’t slept under blankets since September and there we slept under 2 blankets and it got down to low 60’s at night.
We got to see Gladys several times and she is doing well. Keeps very busy visiting the “old people” and making sure they are ok, taking their meds, have food, etc. She celebrates her 75th in September—so we will have to think of someplace special …