Lori and Major at her going away with staff

Dr. Kirsty Smith at work on the CD4 machine

Ryan at ART/EPI clinic

Bob working in the dusty chapel

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Greg

We have been very busy with visitors this past week. Bob is here helping to put roofs on our 2 new additions. He is finding out things never move fast in Africa, so he has been keeping busy painting our new flats while he waits for the timbers to arrive for the roof.
On Tuesday afternoon last week, Lori Batten joined us. She came to pack up her household here and get her dog, Maputi and return to the US. She was busy saying good-bye and packing and left this morning for Harare to get Maputi on the plane home today and then she leave tomorrow afternoon. . We had a breakfast in her honor on Friday at work so she could say her good byes. She is working in Seattle. We wish her well as she adjusts to life in the US. While she was here running around in shorts, Seattle had a snow storm with 12 inches in some areas! She is looking forward to a short term trip to Niger in June and helping with a church camp in CA in July.
On Wed. evening last week we welcomed Greg and Ryan, Family Practice residents from Ohio State. They are with us for about 3 ½ weeks. They are enjoying seeing many new diseases and seeing how we deal with limited resources to treat so many patients. On Saturday they helped Dr. Kellert in theater (OR).
Dr. Kellert has almost finished one month (she has to do 3 for her license) at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital. She is not very busy there and only works until 1 each day. She has 2 days of theater (OR) if they have anesthesia people. She is enjoying living with a missionary family in Chinhoyi, Nick and Lindale Adams who are keeping her well fed and taken care of! She comes home on Friday afternoon here and stays until 5 a.m. Monday when she heads back. We put her to work on Saturday’s doing theater for us!
Saturday afternoon last week, our friend, Zebedee Togarepi from Chiredzi joined us. He is a minister and on our hospital board. We had a good visit with him over the weekend and he left this morning for home—a 12 hour drive.
We welcomed on Tuesday this week Dr. Kirsty Smith, a scientist, from the UK—Kirsty. Major was in Harare dropping Lori off and picking up Kirsty. He has been doing a lot of airport runs this month!
We received some good rain this past week—over 5 inches so we are happy and the fields look a bit better. Major and his family were busy weeding my field on Saturday.
Electricity was on and off this week, as usual but maybe a bit better than normal. Our visitors are getting into the predicting game of when it will come back. Little things amuse us here!
We head tomorrow to Chijawi—about an hour from here on a bad road—to revive a church. No one has been meeting there for about 15 years and a group has come to ask us to help get the church going again. We have agreed and tomorrow we are going with a lorry of people from our church here at Chidamoyo to encourage and revive the people in this area. We are excited about this.


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