Unpacking cintainer, interviewing a new doctor

It has been busy this week unpacking the container that arrived recently.  We have been unloading it a truck load at a time and bringing it up to the hospital to unload.  Carolyn Mereki has been helping to unload and sort and then she delivers it to the different departments.

We are really happy with a lot of good supplies that we are unpacking to use at the hospital.

We are putting the barrels and boxes in the hallway outside my office and opening them when we have time.  It is always fun to see what we get!

On Friday this week we traveled to Kadoma (1 hour south of Harare), about 4 1/2 hour drive for us.  We met up with Mashoko administration to interview 6 people for jobs at Chidamoyo and Mashoko as doctors.  We have tentatively made decisions, but have another 2 people to interview--so please pray with us that we choose the right doctor.

The doctor strike continues since 1 March.  No settlement and government hospitals only doing emergencies so we can't really refer other patients either.  The doctors here make a basic salary of  $389  a month.  Also they want  equipment and medicines available in the hospitals they work in.  We hope this is settled soon.

 Unpacking the container

 Waiting to be unpacked

 Carolyn sorting things from container

Dr. Moyo and Major from Chidamoyo at the Interviews


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