Digital X-ray Signing ceremony

On Friday the 2nd of March we went to Harare to hold a signing ceremony with the Japanese embassy.  Last year they approached us and asked if we would like to apply for a Digital X-ray machine and processor under a Grassroots Human Security program they run in Zimbabwe.
We were so excited and spent 4 months going through the application process including them coming to assess the need here at the hospital.  We were so happy to hear a few weeks ago that they had chosen us and approved this here in Zimbabwe and Japan.  This is something we have been praying about for a year.

This machine will mean our X-ray that now costs $20 for one will cost pennies!  No more buying film, fixer and developer and having to transport it from Harare to here.  This will be a massive savings for our hospital. 

We will also be able to take more than 1 view whereas before the patient could not afford to do this at $20 a film.  Now we can take more angles which  makes it easier for us to diagnose our patients.

We had a signing ceremony on Friday at Zimbabwe Christian College.  I represented the hospital and signed for us with the Ambassador from Japan, Mr. Toshiyuki  Iwado.  He and I both gave a short speech and then signed the official documents.

 Fuji then gave a presentation on the machine and then we had tea afterwards for the 30-people attended.  We were happy that our Provincial Medical Director office and our District office came to represent Ministry of Health and us.  The press and TV were there too, so we hope it brings good publicity for the embassy and the help they have been to us.

We will now start to remodel our old X-ray room and order the machine.  When it is all installed and ready to go we will have another ceremony here with the Ambassador.  We hope that will be soon!

Yesterday (Saturday)  morning we opened the container that arrived last week and got a load of boxes taken to the hospital to go through.  Then it started to pour rain, so we cut it short.  I need my team of people that were here in January to go through the boxes in the hallway!  Cathy and Holly, you better come back soon! Ha!

Signing ceremony with the Japanese Ambassador next to me

 Major was the MC for the event

Signing the agreement

Handing over the documents with the Ambassador

Opening the new container that arrived


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