Visitors and Container arrives!

Life has been so busy at Chidamoyo. On May 26th we had 5 visitors from my home church in CA arrive to help us for 5 weeks. Steve and Roseanne Prandini, Nellie Whitlock and Bob and Rose Coibion (now transplanted to Roseville, CA). There has been an outbreak of measles and we have seen 15 cases—mostly unvaccinated adults and there have been 300 deaths in the country due to measles. So the team arrived right in the midst of NIDS—National Immunization Days for measles. This one started on May 24 and ran through June 2. We were sent to immunize every child under 15 with measles and catch up defaulter under 5 years of age in all their immunizations.
Lori and her team covered 26 schools and immunized 18,200 children over those 10 days. Nellie, a San Francisco State nursing student and Roseanne joined to help. They must have felt like we were punishing them. They were gone by 7:30 a.m. each day and rarely got back until 8 p.m. or later! Bob and Steve even went for a couple of days to do crowd control and help weigh kids. Most of the places had 2000 or more kids! It was quite an introduction to the work of Chidamoyo!
One of the major projects they came to do was unpack a container sent from the US on February 22. It arrived on June 1st! They got busy opening and unpacking on June 2nd and have been busy unpacking ever since. They also built cupboards in a new pantry I built, built cupboards for our office, repaired my platform, and repaired my closet shelves. They have been busy and I have been busy thinking of things they have to do before they can go home-ha!
Winter is here and most mornings it is down to low 60’s. This might not seem too cold for you but my dining room is a screened in veranda so we have some chilly mealtimes! It does warm up to 80’s during the day but as soon as the sun goes down it is cold! We are also heading towards our shortage day of the year—so it is not light until about 6:30 a.m. and dark by 6 p.m .
Electricity continues to be a challenge. Seems like we never have it for dinner and very little during the day—mostly after 10 or 11 p.m. and off by 5 a.m. A challenge to cook and keep things warm! Life is never boring here.
The container has been so exciting to unpack—so much needed things. Wow—people in my home church gave me lots of food—you better some and visit because I have pasta for years. Rose is busy making spaghetti sauce for me to put in the freezer!
We expect more visitors from now until the end of the year, so life will continue to be busy. The hospital is busy and last week we had 5 C/Sections in a row—1 each day! When they called me for the 6th one—I said no way I am tired (they are always after a long day at work. So I went and was able to vacuum the baby out and save us, but the next day I couldn’t get it out by vacuum and so back we went for another one! During one the electricity went off and it took 20 minutes to get the generator started so we were doing it by torch light! Quite exciting. I wonder if that is JACHO approved?


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