Another container arrives!

Unpacking boxes

All the boxes we need to go through!

Thank You Medical Teams International and all our donors!

Rehab Tech with some of his new equipment

The container was full!

The container arrives

God is so good! This week a 40 foot container from Medical Teams International arrived at our door step! This container was packed with medical equipment and supplies that will be so beneficially for our hospital. Many of you donated money to cover the cost of $23,000 to buy the goods and ship them here. It was sent at the end of April and arrived here on the 19th of July! There is over $500,000 worth of goods in the container!
We quickly had to unload the container as it had to go back with the truck that brought it. It took 2 hours and 10 people helping but we moved all the boxes into the chapel (where the peanuts had just vacated!) and all the boxes are now stacked up and ready to go through.
As some things were unloaded we immediately sent them to the departments. Our Rehabilitation Technician was so happy to see 2 wheelchairs and crutches and some traction equipment. We received an electric cauterizer machine for theater and skin staplers!! We have been missing the staplers for our C/Section patients as without them we have to sew the incision closed which takes an extra 10-15 minutes of anesthesia time! There is surgery instruments and just so much more! It will take me a bit of time to go through it but we are thankful it is here! In my spare time between seeing patients I will go box by box to unload and send to the departments that will use the things. Our doctors were so excited and even our visiting dentist was here when they were unloading and was so shocked that people would donate and send such wonderful things to people here in Zimbabwe that they don’t even know. This was really a witness to him!
I just finished this week going through the last barrel in the last container we received last month—so now am ready to start on this one! We are so thankful for the things we have received. We have also been able to share with other mission hospitals in our province when we have extra things. On Friday this next week, we are going to that meeting and I have several boxes to bring and share. Your help is spread throughout Zimbabwe!
Thank you for all the help you have been to our hospital, our patients and the poor of Zimbabwe! We couldn’t be here without you!


  1. Kathy,

    so happy you got a new Jeep with the money raised in Seattle! We are looking forward to riding in it next June...buying tickets after the first of the year. Cheri Gail is teaching me things I might need to know to help out while I am there. Jo Taniguchi


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