Pray for rain--it is dry!

Price giving with Headmaster at Zvarai

Major and Cheryl eating after the prize giving

Cheryl and I at Prize giving

Prize giving with students and teaching

Students performing for parents and us

Nurses station and Trauma room going up

Pediatric extension and Nurse station and Trauma room under construction

Major, myself, Dr. Kajese, Dr. Kellert and Dr. Kabanze

The 3 Doctor K's

Well it has been another busy week in Club Chid. The three Doctor K’s are all working hard and Dr. Kellert got to do her first C/Section with Dr. Kajese on Wednesday evening. It went well and she is now used to our instruments, sutures and non-disposable everything—don’t throw those gloves away—we reuse them!! The C/Section was done on Lori’s maid who had come the day before to clean Dr. Kellert’s house—that put her into labor. I told her she should have tried that on her patients in the US “clean my house and you will go into labor!”
The building continues on the Peds extension and also the Nurses Station/Trauma room and updating the new X-ray room. Major is keeping busy supervising it all.
We have been having severe water problems for sometime and we finally broke down and paid a company from Harare to come out and help us. We also got new pumps and pipes and it seems to be working much better now. This is always a time of water shortage because we haven’t had rain for 6 months and it is hot so people use more water. I was jumping in my swimming pool to keep cool and smell better for a few days!
It is still hot but our very hot weather seems to have broken. We are now running in low 100’s everyday and the past 2 days we have had some wind which helps to keep us a bit cooler. It is wonderful to come home from work and jump in the pool and swim some laps! It is a nice 88 degrees at 8 a.m. this beautiful Saturday morning as I write this. Just talked to my family in California and it was 32 degrees and raining as I talked to them on Skype! I am glad I am here.
We had a big storm last Saturday with lots of lightening and thunder for a couple of hours. It burnt out our modem for the internet and part of our satellite dish for the internet so we had to have the technician out this week to put us back on line at the hospital. Since then it has been dry—no rain! People are anxious to start plowing and planting.
On Friday I was invited to be the “Guest of Honor” at the end of year Prize Giving for Zvarai Primary school about an hour away. Major, Dr. Kellert and I went for a big program with a band, dancing, speeches and then helping to give out the prized for best students in each class. The program was about 4 hours long and then they gave us a feast of rice, sadza, chicken, liver, intestines, and beef. We had a wonderful time and came home exhausted and ready for bed!


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