Happy Holidays in February!

We like to celebrate holidays here and on Valentine’s Day I planned a special dinner for our 2 doctors and their wives and Major and his wife.  They all had to dress up to come to “Sister’s restaurant”.  Michael Mereki put on his suit and bow tie and was the chauffeur to pick them up to come and was the waiter for the 4 course dinner.

They had a wonderful time and the wives were all surprised that their husbands planned such a romantic dinner for them!  We had butternut soup, heart jello salad, ham and scalloped potatoes and gem squash for the main course and chocolate mayonnaise cake for dessert.  Then we played the Newlywed Game with them after dinner and heard some funny answers!  The youngest newly married (Dr. and Mrs. Kabanzi—6 months) and the oldest newlyweds (Mr. and Mrs. Mereki—20 years) tied for most correct answers.

This is our rainy season and in February we had 13 straight days of rain here and when it rains the grass grows!  We have people cut the grass with long slashers—similar to swinging a golf club.  One of our workers who was slashing for us showed up wearing this appropriate shirt!  Notice the message below!

It is a busy time in our waiting mother’s shelter too and I thought this picture of our 9 month pregnant women carrying their firewood to cook would show our pregnant women are not whimps here!  Try carrying that amount of firewood on your head and smiling—even if you weren’t pregnant—amazing!

We had some dry days the end of February and now the first week in March it is raining again here—the southern part of the country is not doing well and looks like drought again.

March 16th is election time—voting for a new constitution.  Please pray for peace and fairness.  After the constitution is passed they will announce when the election for President and MP members will be.  Keep praying!

Grass cutter!

 Valentine's dinner
Michael my waiter!

Carrying firewood to cook


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