Happy 4th of July on the 6th of July

This last week we started digging a new borehole at the hospital.  This borehole was paid for by Beit Trust in the UK/Zimbabwe and also our UK Chidamoyo Trust.  We were happy that they hit water at 24 meters but we dug until 70 meters—so we have plenty of water.  The next step is to build a house around the borehole, put the piping in and we hope to get a solar pump for it!  We are so happy to get closer to having good amounts of water for the hospital!

This year we celebrated the 4th of July on the 6th of July.  The good thing about living outside of the USA is we can choose to celebrate our holidays whenever based on time!  So we choose the 6th when more people would be around and I had time to cook!

We had 12 Zimbabweans and 2 Americans for dinner.  We had traditional fare of BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, 6 bean salads, all the condiments and then a Red-White and Blue cake.  We made everyone wear Red-White and Blue to celebrate!

The same evening our 40 foot container of medical supplies shipped from Medical Teams International arrived just before dinner—so we all went to help get it unloaded so they could take the empty container back.  There were a lot of boxes of equipment and we can’t wait to go through it.

This week we are working long hours to get Major ready to leave for the USA on Thursday the 11th of July.  I am learning some details of his job and trying to get everything ready for him to go with!  We hope you will be able to meet him somewhere on the way!
 The container arrives
 Unloading the boxes
 Plenty of food to celebrate 4th of July!

 Everyone dressed up in their Red-White-Blue!

Jonathan with the cake
Our flag decorations at the entrance
Janelle helping to staple close the C/Section incision with Dr. Kellert

 Digging the borehole

The hole for borehole


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