Lots of visitors, friends, sugery and a church conference

On the 26th of August we welcomed family, my forwarding agents, Sue and Gene Beckstead and my Zimbabwean sister, Sylvia Majoni-Brown who live in California.  They came to help out in the work here and see the many things they pack in our containers in use.
On the 30th of August they went with us when we travelled with 28 people from our hospital to celebrate our long service awards.  We honored 10 people who had completed 5 years or 10 years of work at the hospital.  We are thankful for their hard work and every year we celebrate with our staff who reach their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years of service with us.
We walked on Kariba Dam wall and then had a wonderful lunch at Cutty Sark Hotel and then went on a 2 hour boat cruise on Lake Kariba.  It was a wonderful and long and tiring day (we left at 6:30 a.m. and got back at 10 p.m.!) but we all enjoyed it!

On Monday the 1st of September an eye team from Norton Hospital joined us for 3 days of work.  The doctor worked on 59 people and removed their cataracts.  59 people can now see and they were so happy.  We enjoyed having Dr. Ute and her team with us.  They worked very hard and helped so many people.  We hope they will come back again.

We were excited this week to receive a new trailer for our tractor and a plow.  Provided by the UK Trust we are so happy to have the trailer to help transport our building material.  The plow will be used to plow fields in our area and make money for the hospital.
The next day our industrial washer machine and Roller iron that was lost in the fire--were replaced and arrived from South Africa.  Again UK Trust provided this wonderful gift for us!  We are so thankful to their big help to us and thank Gilly and Mike Withers for their wonderful personal help and all the people they speak to and raise funds for these projects.
As our usual procedure when we receive new equipment or supplies for the hospital, we sing and dance and thank God for the gift and dedicate them to His work here at Chidamoyo!  All our staff and patients join us.

On Thursday the 4th of September we started our annual area church conference.  All of our 52 churches are invited for lessons, preaching, singing, dancing and great fellowship and food.  We registered over 500 people and it was lots of fun to see everyone we visit when we go out to the different churches.
On Friday night we were joined by Dr. Shield Kajese and his wife Nokuthaba and Mr. Innocent Kundiona.  Mr. Kundiona is a general surgeon from Harare and he came to do some cases for us on his own time and donate his services to us.  Dr. Kajese came to do the anesthesia.  On Saturday they were busy with 1 case and after lunch left for home in Harare.  We are thankful for their willingness to come and help our patients and we hope they will come every month to do this.

We are also thankful to Pariranyetwa Hospital that donated one of their old anesthesia machine to us through Dr. Kajese for some supplies that we received in our containers that we were not able to use here.  This will be a big help to us!

A busy week and lots of people to feed--so it is great having Sue here to help me!

Gene and Sue at the lunch for workers in Kariba

Staff members we honored with their certificates and watches as their presents
Dr. and Mrs. Kabanzi with son Kyle on the boat trip on Kariba Lake

The cataract patients at the hospital
 Trailer for the tractor
Plow for the tractor

Staff welcoming the washer and iron machines
Mr. Kundiona and Dr. Kajese  and Mrs. Kajese as the theater nurse doing surgery
New anesthesia machine

Church conference
 Singing and dancing at the church conference


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