Welcome Hot November

Today is another warm day--up to 100+ (we don't like to look at the thermometer it makes us feel hotter) and gets to high 70's or 80's at night.  We pray this is a great build up to a good rainy season which could start by mid-November.
This has been C/Section week.  We have done 5 C/S in a week--all repeat and started this morning with another one!  A busy time for us as we have our regular work to do too!
On Thursday (30th of October) we picked up new visitors--Dr. Bill and Kaylynn Holloman from Tuscon, AZ.  Bill is an internist and they are here to help with our work for 3 weeks.  It has been a big encouragement for  Dr. Isala who has been on his own for 6 weeks.  We put him to work making rounds and seeing outpatients.  Kayleen started doing some work to clean up our ART records--a big job that I have been working on slowly in my spare time.  We ended the day with a crash C/Section for a prolapsed arm and Bill scrubbed in.  First time for him to be back in an OR since medical school.  He jumped right in and helped out which was a big blessing to
We have been busy plowing fields with our tractor to bring in some income for our hospital and to help our staff out,  Our chicken project is going so well and the eggs selling out that we have ordered another 150 chickens!  We are happy that we are selling out the eggs each day.  We keep encouraging our patients to eat eggs to get better :)!
I am trying to sell my flat in Harare in order to buy a bigger and better flat.  Please pray it will sell.  We really need to get out by the end of this month.
Another prayer request is that Dr. Kabanzi has just resigned and so we are looking for another doctor to come and work with Dr. Isala.  Please pray for the right doctor to be found and quickly to help with our heavy workload. 

Kayleen working through the ART files

Dr. Holloman and Dr. Isala making rounds


  1. I would like to know how different it is to work in that hospital as opposed to a hospital in the U.S. I remember going to a hospital in South America and found that it was like walking back into the 18th Century. I think it would be very difficult to maintain a clean atmosphere in those environments. It would be really easy to contract diseases being close to other sick patients all the time.

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  2. Nice sister Kathy keep the good work in our rural area


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