Fundrasier in Seattle and Speaking

On Saturday the 19th of September we had our 3rd Benefit for Hope sponsored by Larry and Cheri Gail.  We spent the whole day getting ready and had many volunteers who came to get everything ready.

The evening started at 6:30 p.m. and we didn't get home until close to midnight!  There were silent auctions, raffle tickets, and live auctions as well as donations starting at $5,000 on down.  Major and I and Cheri and Larry all spoke and it was just a wonderful experience.  Dinner was a wonderful Mexican dinner.  

We met up with many Chidamoyo alumni who live in the Seattle area and many we hadn't seen for many years.  We had so much support from the community and friends it was just overwhelming to me.  We were so thankful for the hard work that Larry and Cheri do for months in advance to get all the donations and food and drink.  They are amazing supporters and we are so thankful to them.

As of today we raised $93,126.00 at the auction and more than $30,000 has been given by people who did not attend.  Wow!  How thankful we are for all this will provide: electricity and plumbing for the new Waiting Mother's Shelter that will be built in December and January; a new vehicle; expanding our solar power system for the hospital; fuel for our vehicles and tractor; and helping with a new Physical Therapy Room.

A big thank you to all who supported us and gave donations.  It was overwhelming to us.

This week we have been busy speaking to classrooms of kids.  We spoke ASB--a private Catholic school that donated school uniforms to our school this year.  Then we spoke at an alternate high school where Cheri is the school nurse.  Then we spoke at a private school, The Northwest School where Cheri and Larry's oldest son Ethan is in 7th grade.  We spoke to 3 Eighth Grade classes this morning. 

Yesterday we went to Portland to meet with Medical Teams International about supplies we want sent to us that they collect.   Today we spoke to a Bike Company that helps provide bikes to developing countries, and then talked to the head of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Washington about our continuing program to bring students to help our Rehabilitation program.

Last night we enjoyed dinner with the Global Health Team from Presbyterian church that Larry and Cheri go to.  We heard of work someone did in Malawi and shared our work.

We have been kept very busy and we are exhausted--but it has been fun and good for the hospital.  We leave in the morning for a few days in Santa Rosa, my home,  to rest before we head off for another 3 weeks on the road!

It has been so great seeing many supporters of Chidamoyo Hospital and seeing old friends and meeting new friends!

Some of the auction items at the fundraiser

Sue Beckstead cutting dessert for the fundraiser

Major and Jack Ward cooking the sadza

Jo and Samantha--Chidamoyo alumni

Checking out the auction items

Close to 250 people attended the event

Chidamoyo alumni Tina from 1999 with Kathy

 Major serving sadza 

The Auction begins

Larry and Cheri speaking

People bidding at the auction

Kathy and Major with J.L., Melissa and Laureen --P.T. students who came to Chidamoyo in December 2014

Sylvia, Major and Julie Harrison and Kathy

Speaking at ASB school

Larry with us in Portland

Kathy and Major at the Northwest School


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