Dedication of the Waiting Mother's Shelter

We finally had the long awaited opening of our beautiful new Waiting Mother's Shelter on Thursday morning.  

The Shelter was built over 6 weeks starting in December 2015 and ending the end of January 2016.  We had a few finishing touches to do and put in electricity, get beds and mattresses and paint.  We finally got it all done and then planned the important ceremony to get it opened!

We had our Minister of Parliament, the Honorable Dr. Gandawa, as well as chief Dandawa and many of our local Headmen and the community.  As would have it we started the ceremony and immediately we had torrential rain!  We quickly moved to the veranda of our OPD clinic and with the rain pounding the tin roof we heard some of the words spoken!!

We went for a lovely lunch and waited for the rain to let up and then returned for the Waiting Mothers now here to sing and put on a skit about how important it is to deliver in a hospital--not home!

The Chief officially cut the red ribbon and then everyone toured the new facility.  Everyone was so impressed and so thankful for this new building for our pregnant mothers.  It looks like we may have even more deliveries because the mom's are so happy to be in that building after crowding in the 2 small buildings we used to have.

We are so thankful to Lake Union Crew in Seattle Washington and all who came to build it and they provided all the material and work with money they raised.  A BIG Thank You to Ann and Rome who were the supervisors.  It is something to treasure for us!!

Dignitaries at the opening with the Waiting Mothers Shelter behind

 Community that came for the celebration

 Major and I speaking

Crowding in to the OPD veranda during the rain

 Chief Dandawa speaking

 Lunch in the new Hospital Dining Room

 Pregnant moms doing their play

District Medical Officer and Chief and Dr. Gandawa cutting ribbon 

 Touring the new building

 ANC care will be given in the new building and this is one of the exam rooms

Pregnant women singing and dancing before they moved into the new room


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