Another week, more visitors and a container arrives!

Monday our lorry from the hospital went in to pick up a container from Sebastopol, CA that arrived.  This is the first time that we have been able to transport our own container.  Tapson, the driver said it was very heavy—but they made it up Zvimaiwei Hill with no problem and arrived Monday night.  We got it unloaded on Wednesday off the lorry and opened it Friday to start the unloading progress.  We put lots of boxes in the hallway outside my office to start unpacking as I have time between patients.

This week we kept busy with some guests from ZACH—our church hospital organization that works with CDC-PEPFAR program to sponsor or HIV/AIDS work.  They were with us from Tuesday night through Friday morning visiting 2 other clinics in the area they sponsor and us. I cooked dinner for the 3 guests for the 3 nights they were with us.

They brought us a nice tented room that we can use when going out on our ART outreach clinics.  We learned to put it up and take it down.  We put it on the lawn in the courtyard of our in-patient wards to try it out and then we had pictures of the staff with the ZACH staff taken.

This week we had 2 outreach clinics to draw blood for our research and for our adult patients.  Saturday, we had our Age 5-12-year-old support groups and we had over 60 kids!  They are mostly doing very well which we are happy for.

We have been having some fuel shortages in the country for the past 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes diesel is short and sometimes it is petrol.  So far, we have been able to get what we need so we are thankful for that!  We are starting to see queues again for fuel which is always worrying!
Elections will take place for President and Parliament Ministers on July 30.  Please pray with us for free and fair and safe elections for all.

Saturday, I had to do anesthesia for 2 C/Sections—one to start the day and one to end the day—so it was a busy day for me.  At least today, Sunday, has been a bit quieter! Yeah!

 Container arriving on our lorry

Opening container

 Putting up the new tent we got for ART care

ZACH staff with our nurses and staff


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