UW Physical TherapyKathy team and more visitors and staff party

It has been a few weeks of very busy time for us at Chidamoyo.  On August 20 we welcomed a team of Physical Therapy students from University of Washington.  We welcomed Ben, Brian,Ellee, Nicole, Elisa, Sam and 3 teachers Sara, Kendra and Lisa.  Kendra has been here 3 times and Sara twice, so it was great to have them back again.

The students kept busy with our Rehab Tech, Brighton Kamhuka. They did several teaching sessions with Village Health workers, a workshop for parents with kids who have Cerebral Palsy and went out to some outreach clinics in the area.  They saw a lot of patients and helped our Village Health Care Workers to identify people with disabilities.

They also helped with a couple of Well Baby Clinics and did some in-services for the nurses.  They kept very busy and enjoyed their time here.

They spent a weekend at Major’s village and ended their time here with a trip to Rhino Camp with Major and then they flew on to Victoria Falls for a few days before leaving.

While they were here Kristen Trivelli, who had come with UW Global Health team earlier in August, came back for a few days to do a research project for her Doctorate program in UW as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  She interviewed several women on Breastfeeding practices.

On September 4th we had 2 new visitors join us.  Emily Harris, an RN from Vacaville, CA and Stacy Jaquith from Kings Beach, CA.  Stacy has been here 4 times before, but it has been 10 years since she was here last. 

They have kept busy going to Well Baby Clinics, ART clinics and helping in the hospital.   They are here for 3 weeks and 4 weeks.

On the 10th of September I was invited to a conference for 2 days in Harare put on by CDC/PEPFAR.  They were looking at things we had accomplished in our AIDS programs in 2017-2018 and planning for the 2018-2019 fiscal year starting October 2018.  They put me up in a hotel and provided meals for us for 3 days and it was an enjoyable time away.

On Friday the 14th of September we had a special Long-Service dinner for all our staff who have worked 5, 10,15,20,25,30 and 35 years for the hospital.  We had dinner for 37 employees and a guest, plus our Administration.   We had a wonderful dinner of chicken, roast beef, potatoes, rice and Cole slaw and cake   We then presented a certificate, money and a gift to the staff.  We gave shovels to some and shovels and picks to others and then clocks and a blanket to some and for the 35 years we gave a pig, clock and $120!  I was one of 2 people who was awarded with the 35 years.  The doctor called me “Miss Chidamoyo!”  What a fun night we had. 

UW Team at work in the hospital

UW Student Physical Therapy Team

Teaching In-service to nurses

 UW team putting on a cast

UW Team watching a C/Section

UW Team at Major's

Students going to Major's village for weekend

UW Team helping with Immunizations

Kathy and the UW PT students and teachers

Kristen interviewing patient for her stdy

UW PT team saying goodbye

Stacy and Emily

Conference in Harare

Major and wife getting their gifts for Long Service

Dinner for Long Service Awards

Getting my certificate from Dr. Moyo


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