Celebrations at Chidamoyo Hospital

Hey it has been a busy few weeks.   Our rains have started and with it we got struck by a big power surge through or electric company, ZESA.  We lost our modems to our internet and so we have been without internet except on our phone which is incredible slow and won’t do attachments or scans—so bear with us as we try and get our internet up and working again.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner on the Friday night after Thanksgiving and had 14 for dinner.  We can’t get turkey here but we were able to get chicken rolls and have stuffing, pumpkin casserole, corn casserole, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh rolls and pumpkin pie!  It was a great time to share with each other things we were Thankful for in the past year.  Everyone ate and ate.  One of  researchers with s from Harare thought we eat everyday like that until Christmas--ha!

I started putting up Christmas decorations the next day and it took all weekend but finally got them up!  The next week we were joined for the weekend by or research group from BRTI in Harare and Stanford group with visitors from Stanford who are retiring and moving to Sebastopol—my home town!

On the 3rd of December a container from Sebastopol Christian Church arrived.  We unloaded it off the lorry and then haven't even had a chance to unload it yet because of all the activities.  We look forward to all the goodies for the hospital in it!  Thank you to all or friends and hospitals in the US who send things to us that are so needed by us and that we can use for or patients without having them buy.

Then we got ready for a big celebration on December 7th when we had a handover ceremony from the Ambassador of Japan and his staff and our Ministry of Health for our brand new Digital X-ray machine.

The embassy team of 6 and their press team of 5 arrived  Thursday evening.  I made a Braii (BBQ) for all and we also had Dr. and Mrs. Bungu from our sister hospital,  Mashoko , and Major and I.  There was plenty of food and they seemed to enjoy it.

After breakfast the next morning they came to the hospital for a tour and our 9 a,m, ceremony finally started at 10:30 a.m.  We had Chiefs, Headmen, Government local and district officials, the Japanese ambassador and team and the District Administrator and the Minister of Parliament from or Area, Mr. Kashiri and the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. John Mangwiro.  

We had many speeches, singing, traditional dancing by the Primary School kids and then the official unveiling of the plaque dedicating the Digital X-ray machine with a tour of the department.

Then we had lunch for all the VIPs at my house, the staff and others fed at the hospital and the community fed at the church.  1 cow, 50 kg of rice, 100 kg of mealie meal (for sadza) 20 heads of cabbage and 30 kg of potatoes later, we got everyone fed and happy.

The staff had been working hard for weeks and it really went well.  The hospital was clean and the yards beautiful and everyone enjoyed!  We really appreciate our staff who work through difficult times for the good of our patients.  

Everyone left by 3 pm and after all the dishes were done we collapsed!  The next day we had our Adolescent AIDS support group and kids we are involved in research who came--so drawing blood and giving meds kept us busy--no time to rest!

Doctors have been on strike for 2 weeks in Zimbabwe (not mission doctors) and we have been seeing more and more patients.  OPD has been full and busy.  Many  very sick patients because they are waiting late to come because money is hard to come by.  Many Pharmacies want US dollars or exhorbanent amounts of Bond for medication.

It is sad to say that my friend, Gladys Jongeling passed on to Jesus's arms on Saturday the  8th of December after 4  weeks in a coma after a stroke on November 10th.  There will be a Memorial Service for her  on January 13 at her church in Juliasdale.  She had been struggling with dementia for over 2 years and we are happy she is now in her new body in heaven.  She was 81 years old.

I came into Harare Sunday evening with Michael driving me.  He got home from school Thursday morning.  He has finished his degree in Business Law and officially gradates in April 2019.  Now he is officially unemployed and looking for a job!

We spent Monday seeing doctors, getting lab work done and running around for the hospital. Tuesday afternoon Major and cousin Christine joined us.   They got a ride to Chinhoyi with or weekly grocery trip and then took a combi to Harare!  On Tuesday night we went to the Christmas Pantomime here.  I have been bringing the kids since they were young as our Christmas tradition.  Carolyn missed for the first year because she is in school in US.  She called us afterwords because she was so sad she missed it!  We had a fun time and then I went to check into the hospital after for surgery the next morning.

I had my kidney stent removed and they didn't have to put a new one in!  Looks like more surgery in January which we hope will hold me until I go home in September next year for major surgery.

Got out at 1 p.m. yesterday from the hospital and finally got home after picking 2 of our cars in the shops with Major and Michael.  Slept a lot and hope to go home today!  Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts!

I might not get another blog out before Christmas due to or internet situation--so Merry  Christmas and enjoy all your holiday activities!  All the best for a great 2019!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Ready for Christmas

Christmas in my living roo,

Container bring off-loaded

Nurses enjoying the X-ray hand over ceremony

Hospital Choir

Dr. Mangwiro, Deputy Minister of Health

Ambassador Iwado of Japan

Chief Dandawa

Dr. Mangwiro and His Excellency Ambassador Iwado unveiling the plaque

Crowd at the Hand over ceremony

 Serving lunch to the  VVIPs

Dr. Mangwiro, Kathy and MP Kashiri

VVIPs eating lnch

Dr. asnd Dr. from the Japanese embassy

Children preparing for Traditional Dancing performance

Dr. Bungu at lunch

Michael and Christine and I at the Pantomime on Tuesday night


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