New Borehole, Seva leaves and Happy Easter!

We are getting some rain late in the season—more in April than we had in February and March.  It’s too late for the crops but a great help to our water table and for drinking water in the coming dry season!  Definitely weird to have this rain now.  It should be getting cooler and dry!
With Seva and Elliot, my visitors, we have enjoyed going out with Major to visit some of his churches away from the mission.  It is always a fun time for us and the churches.

This week we got the hand pump borehole that was donated by the Gulaliev family of NYC who donated this is in memory of their parents.  This has helped our pregnant women who were getting up at 4 a.m. to go join the queue 2 kms away to get water—now they walk very close and pump what they need as many times a day as they need.  We are so thankful for this and the rains are giving us plenty of water!

Seva, our visitor since early February left Wednesday to return to NYC.  She will be writing her MCAT test to get into Medical School in May so please pray for her to do well.  It was hard to say good bye after 3 months!  We wish her well in her future as a doctor in making and glad we had a small part in encouraging that.  Glad to hear she arrived safely and she is eating a Bagel for me!

Thursday (April 18th) was our 39th Independence Day for Zimbabwe.  Friday through Monday is our Easter holidays, so we have 5 days in a row with our Out-patient Department closed.  I came to work just for a few hours Thursday morning and have plans to do some deep house cleaning over the next few days.  It’s cool and looks like more rain on the way!

Thursday night we started an Easter meeting for all our nearby churches (20) that will end with church early Sunday morning.  We are excited to have this meeting and it is always a great time for our church members.  Lots of singing and dancing!
Lots more people came than we thought as transport is hard to come by and expensive. The church is full and people are enjoying! Many walked lots of miles to join in the fellowship.  There are lessons and sermons all day long and we are enjoying it! 
Happy Easter to all of you as we celebrate He IS Risen!

Visiting Jinga Church

New hand Borehole


Saying goodbye to Seva at work  on Tuesday this week

Goodbye dinner for Seva--holding Dr. Moyo's daughter Mati

Major and Seva with me saying goodbye!

Mrs. Mereki and Mrs. Moyo speaking to Women in a health lesson

Easter meeting--blowing the kudu horn to dance

Lots of people dancing

 Preaching, singing and special music at the Easter meeting


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