Summer is on the way!

Major and Michael staking out the house

Measuring the house

Major and his cousin Reggie marking the outdoor dining room

World Vision and team from Bristol,UK
with our 2 doctors

Last week started with visits from church members from Bristol, England who came out with a World Vision team to see some of the projects they have supported in our district. They worshipped with us at church on Sunday and then I cooked lunch for 20 people. World Visions helps us with drugs and equipment for the hospital and so we have been happy to be working with them. We enjoyed having them out for a few hours of fellowship and meeting new friends.

Wednesday I spent in Harare for a patient conference that concerns an MDR-TB patient that we have in our treatment here at Chidamoyo. MDR which stands for Multi Drug Resistant is a growing problem in Zimbabwe. There are 25 known patients in Zimbabwe. This is a difficult disease to treat and needs special medicine provided only through Harare. We have to go daily to give an injection and pills for the patient to swallow, 6 days a week for the next 2 years. The patient has to wear a mask at all time when interacting with people and we have to wear a mask when we go there to protect ourselves from this disease which is difficult to treat and deadly. Please pray for the healing of this patient. We go monthly to see a team of specialists doctors in Harare with the patient.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went with Major and family and Dr. Kajese and his wife to Major’s farm and home in Batanai (25 kms from here). We marked and pounded stakes into the ground to build my rural house in his village. I will have a 2 bedroom house with a patio in the middle all under one grass roof—that is oblong. Separately there will be an outdoor dining room/kitchen/lounge. It is built with walls about 3 feet high and then opens around with a grass roof. It will be started this next weekend. This will be my weekend and days off retreat. No running water or electricity—just living out in the bush in a community. This will also be a place to take my visitors to enjoy some bush living. Will keep you updated as we build.

Summer is coming back. Yesterday we had mid-90’s weather and it was 72 when I went to bed at 10 p.m. Seems that winter has come and it is going now. I enjoy the warm weather so I am happy to have summer back again!


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