Winter is here!

Exciting news!  We finally were able to move our kids back into the Pediatric ward after 6 months of the new addition being put on!  We moved them yesterday afternoon and already we have floor beds!  Rick and Sue are busy this morning starting to paint the old Peds ward which will add another 15 beds making it a 30 bed ward and hopefully no more floor beds!  The kids thought it was a lot of fun being moved in their beds and the moms were so excited by the new ward!
 Moving into new Peds ward
Chloe Levin is a nursing student from Sacramento, CA who is a senior in college at Boston College in MA.  She arrived on June 25th and has been busy at the hospital and helping with our Immunization and ART outreach clinics.  She has been helping in theater and with our doctors in outpatient and has been fun to have here.  Her mom is coming in August to join her on a week of safari. We have had some good laughs together!
Rick and Sue spent Monday working with our ministers and minister wives in teaching and setting up monthly times with them to encourage and develop them in their ministries.
Jordan has kept busy doing reports for me and helping me to ghet out of here on time.  It sure is nice to have a personal secretary!  I might get used to that!  She also got to see a C/Section and hold the baby after it came out--she was so excited!
Today winter really hit.  We had been having several weeks of only down to 60’s at night and then yesterday a cold spell hit and we were cold all day.  When the sun set last night it just kept getting colder!  Today it was 46 when we got up!  My dining room is a veranda—so it felt like eating breakfast in a fridge this morning!  We all found places to sit in the sun for devotions to thaw out a bit.  It’s sunny today and up to 70 right now but I still have my coat and scarf on! Brrr….

Chloe at work
Rick teaching ministers
Sue with minister's wives
Jordan working as my Secretary
 Chloe giving out ART at Kapfunde ARY Outreach
 Chloe taking blood for CD4 counts
Chloe helping with a C/Section--holding the baby!

 Sue and Rick painting the Peds ward

Jordan holding baby in C/S
It is cold--down to 46!


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