Eye team, ZCC students, new doctor and new surgeon--life is good!

On the 6th and 7th of May we had 2 eye nurses from Norton Eye Hospital  who came to assess cataract patients.  They had many people to see and they have chosen so many people to come back on the 25th of May to do the eye operations for 3 days.

On the 8th of May our second group of Zimbabwe Christian College students came for their hospital visiting training.  They spent until Monday with us and went out to preach on Sunday.  They always say they enjoy this practical experience for future hospitals visits with people for their congregations.  They graduate on June 6th so they are all excited about finishing their program.

On May 11th we were so happy to have Dr. Ngwaru Munodawafa join us as our send doctor.  He has just finished his residency program and we have been working since September 2014 with only 1 doctor.  Dr. Isala and I were both excited to have him here as it has been so busy keeping up with all the work we have so adding this doctor will help us a lot.  On the 15th of May Dr. Isala left on a month's vacation so it will still be busy for awhile.

On Friday this week Mr. Chihaka, a surgeon from Harare came to do operations for our patients.  Dr. Kajese, our doctor who is in an anesthesia residency, came to do the anesthesia.  They arrived at 10 p.m. Friday night, ate dinner and by 6 a.m. they started the list for surgery.  They ended up doing 10 cases and then we ran out of oxygen for the anesthesia machine--so we had to cancel some.  They promised to come back and June to do the cases they couldn't do today.  Mr. Chihaka came because Mr. Kundiona that was coming before has left for a heart Head and Neck surgery fellowship in South Africa, so he recruited his friend to help us.  We are so thankful for their services and help to our patients who can't afford to go to Harare and have these surgeries.  It is such a benefit for us.  And we are so thankful to them.

Eye nurse examining patients

 Eye patients waiting to be seen

ZCC students being taught

Dr. Ngwaru Munodawafa

 Mr. Chihaka on right and Theater Nurse Mparadziwa working

Dr. Kajese and Dr. Munodawafa doing anesthesia

Mr. Chihaka


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