Monday, May 4, 2015

Visitors leave, Women's meeting, Bible College students, one of those days

On March 27th I said goodbye to Samantha D'Andrea who had been with us for two months.  She is hoping to pursue education to be a Physician's Assistant and we wish her well. She arrived back safely in Seattle.

On Thursday this week we started a woman's conference for all of our 52 churches here at Chidamoyo.  All of the women have been enjoying the lessons, the sermons, food and lots of singing and dancing and laughter.  Great fellowship by all.  It ends on Sunday after church.  It looks like the church is very full so we think about 400+ women have come.

On Friday evening we welcomed 7 students and 2 teachers from Zimbabwe Christian College.  Every year we teach the final year students about how to visit sick patients in their future congregations.  We also talk about AIDS and other health issues.  They leave Monday morning.  Another group will come next week for their training.  Tonight I am cooking dinner for 11!

Ever have one of those days…I got the dinner ready and was just starting to heat things up again when I got called to the hospital for a C/Section.  I turned over heating the dinner and serving to one of the guests and went off.  It was a difficult one, but mom and baby did well and I got home 2 1/2 hours later to eat my dinner.

Sunday morning I invited the 2 teachers for breakfast at 730 a.m. before church.  Sure enough at 0600 I got called for another C/Section.  I left a note saying the sausage was cooked--make your own eggs and toast!  Off I went and again we had some problems--the uterus ruptured at delivery (mom and baby doing well)--and so got home at 0830--got dressed for church and off I went.  I think I need to quit inviting people for meals or I may get called for a C/Section!

Major wishing Samantha good-bye

Dr. Nura Isala, Kathy McCarty and Major Mereki

Women's meeting at the Church--during lunch time

Teaching the Zimbabwe Christian College students

Sunday night church with patients and college students leading

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