Big Sunday

My visitors were off to Victoria Falls this week.  They went to Harare and picked up a new visitor, April Crothers from Kansas and off they went Sunday for 3 days in Victoria Falls.  They get back to Harare Tuesday night and then pick up another visitor at the airport on Wednesday afternoon and then head home.  Gives me a few days by myself to get ready for the 2 new visitors and cooking for 6 of us when they get home!

Yesterday morning we took the LandRover and the tractor and trailer and headed off for a Big Sunday at Mukowe (3 hours from here).  Big Sunday means several churches from 1 area meet together for service, usually the last Sunday of the month and they take turns to be the location where held.  This Sunday we had Hambakwe, Batanai, Jinga, Chijkawi, and Marere churches meet at Mukowe church.  

We had 22 people in our LandRover going and 23 coming back!  Yes we can fit that many people in (some were kids).  Then Major drove the tractor and there were 48 in the tractor trailer and riding on the tractor mostly church members from Batanai!

We finally arrived at 1 p.m. and they had been singing since 11 a.m. waiting for us.  They had been meeting in a classroom, but by the time we arrived there were too many people and so we moved outside.  By the time were outside there were well over 250 people there.

After 3 more hours of singing, dancing and preaching, they fed us all sadza and chicken and we all headed for home at 5:15 p.m.  We got home at 8:15 p.m. after a full day of church, but it was wonderful and our car was singing all the way there and back.  

We do it again in a month when we go to Chijawi.  We were happy to be at Mukowe as this is where we have built the 2 school blocks and teachers houses  through the generous financial help of ZRSD program from the UK.  Major was able to meet with the headmaster and builder and talk about some things they need to work on in the buildings.

Singing with the congregation

Crowd in the school room before we moved outside

Tractor and trailer arriving with people from Batanai church

Crowd outside singing

Batanai youth group singing special music

Major preaching the sermon

 Welcoming the women who came forward to repent

Sadza and chicken for lunch at 4 p.m.


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