Busy week, more visitors, lots of surgeries

This has been a busy 2 weeks.  On the 25th of May the eye team from Norton came to do cataract surgeries for our patients here.  They were here from Monday until Thursday morning and they did over 60 cataract removals in that time.  We enjoyed their time with us and we appreciate their hard work for our patients.

On the 27th of May Rachel Nutt from Carl Junction, MO arrived to do a 2 1/2 month internship with us.  She is in nursing school and has come to get experience at our hospital.  On the 29th of May Rileigh and John Schuck arrived from Indiana.  They are primary school teachers who are moving to Nairobi, Kenya in July to teach at a private school there.  They are spending their time here helping students in the high school to learn English and prepare for their exams. 

 The exciting part of these visitors is that both of these people are grandchildren of founders of Chidamoyo Christian Mission.  Rachel's grandfather and grandmother, Ziden Nutt and his wife Helen were the first missionaries at Chidamoyo.  they built the hospital.  Rachel's father, Tom was born while they were here.  

Rileigh's grandparents, Bruce and Carolyn Ammerman came to work with Ziden and Helen a year after they opened the mission.  Her father, Tod was also born here when they lived here.

How exciting it is for me to have grandchildren here to see where their parents grew up.  They are all busy and seem to be enjoying the work.

Last Saturday we had 4 visitors from Zimbabwe Christian College, Sidnye and his wife Cecillia Mahodza who is the principle of the college and Paul and Melody Fudge who are teaching for 2 months at the college.  They were with us here for a month 2 years ago and this time they have come back to help at the college from their home in Florida.  They came on the night we celebrated Michael and Patience Mereki's birthday.  Michael had just arrived home on his break from college that just finished for the year.  We enjoyed dinner together and celebrating Michael's 22nd and Patience's____!

We have been very this week with 5 C/Sections since last Sunday.  This is more than we usually have for the whole month and 2 of them were very difficult ones.  God was with us and all women are recovering well.  Our new doctor, Dr. Munodawafa is really being thrown into the the fire with Dr. Isala on leave.

John and Raleigh

Birthday Dinner with friends

Michael and Patience blowing out their candles

 Dr. Ute and eye team working

Rachel working in theater

Spending a lot of time this week in theater


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