National Conference and more visitors coming and going

Last week we kept busy with the Outpatients department and also more C/Sections kept coming in! We did one at 0100 and by 0700 Monday and we were doing another two on Tuesday, 15 for the month, so far!

On Thursday last week 9 of us left about 11 a.m. for an 9 hour drive to Dewure Mission for our Annual Church Conference.  All of our Churches of Christ throughout the country came together and close to 2000 people were there.  Abbey Carson from Seattle went with me and the rest of my visitors all stayed home.  Everything is in Shona but the singing and dancing of all those voices is something you can all look forward to hearing in heaven if you have not heard it here on earth.  We had lessons, sermons, lots of fellowship and Abby was very popular to have your picture taken with.  Major and Patience and their daughter Carolyn, Zebedee Togarepi and his wife and Abbey and myself all stayed together in a brand new house that rents out 5 rooms--so we enjoyed that too! Carolyn and Abbey hung out--Major refers to them as his 2 daughters since Abbey is 2 years younger than Carolyn and they enjoy being together.  We left by 9 a.m. Sunday morning and got back home just after 6 p.m. to my other 3 visitors I had left to hold down the fort.

Monday Tori and Brenden left for Harare and a quick 2 days in Victoria Falls and they are headed home this evening, back to Reno.  They texted to say they enjoyed rafting and the sundown cruise on the Zambezi.

Monday afternoon Zebedee Togarepi and Dave Thurman, a minister from IN and frequent Zimbabwe visitor arrived to spent the night.  Dave and groups he has brought have stayed many times at my flat in Harare in their comings and goings, so we have visited him many times and even stopped by to see him at his church in IN last year in October.  The last time Dave was here at Chidamoyo was in 1972 when he was a missionary kid.  We had the National Conference here for all our churches and he came with his family who were missionaries in Masvingo then.  He wanted to see the changes made in the last 44 years!  We enjoyed having them overnight until they left the next morning going on to Kariba.

Tuesday Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick, a 3rd year Pathology resident from Stanford, came from Harare to work with us for a week. She had visiting in early July before.  She is doing a research project with us to look at the incidence of HPV in women in our area and also teach us to read Pap Smears so we can follow our AIDS women more closely who have a high risk of getting cervical cancer.  She will be with us on and off for the next year.

Major is in Harare today picking up a new visitor, Makayla Hunt.  There have been some unrest in town since Wednesday so he wasn't able to go and pick up our medicine because the police had all the roads blocked that way.  I told him to get out of the mess and come home, we will try again next week after things calm down!  We are all fine and far from all the rioting!

Riding to the National Conference, Abby and Carolyn

Riding to National Conference--Major with our ministers

 Major preaching at the National Conference

 Carolyn and Abby (Major's daughters) at the National Conference

Abby and Carolyn dancing with the youth during the National Conference

 Stopping for drinks on our travels back from the National Conference!

Major saying goodbye to Brenden and Tori at devotions at the hospital

Major and Kathy with Brenden and Tori

Dave Thurman, Zebedee Togarepi, Major and Kathy

Four young ladies who are with us from University of Zimbabwe Medical School

 UZ students helping with a C/Section

The UZ students helping and Abby and Kennedy (holding new baby from C/S)

Dr. Fitzpatrick with UZ medical student seeing patients


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