Christmas is coming soon!

Christmas activities have begun and people are busy preparing for Christmas Day.  The hospital  got decorated up and everyday I have a Christmas scrub top and Christmas socks to wear!

Last week one of our doctors was gone to a workshop, so I was on call for anesthesia and didn't get called out one night--yeah!!

On Tuesday Major and I took off for a 1 day trip to Harare--a killer!  We left at 0400 and got back at 0100 the next morning!  I had a doctors appointment to scope my bladder, but got there and had another infection, so he couldn't do the scope and back on IV medications for a week.

Dr. and Mrs. Kajese picked me up from the doctor as Major ran around.  We went to lunch and then he started my IV cannula and got to spend some time visiting with them.  I made up the medicine and gave my first dose on the way home!  This time for some reason the cannula keeps infiltrating, so I have had to have restarted 4 times in 7 days!  Tonight is my last dose so let's hope this is the last!  I've been on IV meds 3 times in the last 6 weeks!  Enough!

Friday I headed back to Harare with Michael driving (Major's son), his sister Carolyn and their 2 cousins, Nancy and Christine.  We went for our Christmas weekend in Harare.

On Friday night we attended the Christmas Pantomime.  This is a very British Christmas tradition where they perform a children's story and the main Female lead is done by a man and the main male lead by a female.  They always throw in local jokes and toss candy out to the kids.  This year it was Snow White and we met up with Megan and Matt to see it.  Megan is doing her research her from her residency program from Stanford.  She just got finally approval so in January she starts her data collection.

Saturday morning the girls and I went for our pedicures and manicures and then did some shopping at the flea market.  Michael went for a haircut and to hang out with his uncle.  Then we went to the movies Saturday night to see "Almost Christmas" with Danny Glover.  We saw it in the movie theater with the reclining seats and they really enjoyed it! It rained very hard while we were in the movie and then we went to dinner afterwards and home for another DVD where we all fell asleep before it was over!

On Sunday morning we headed back home after some grocery shopping.  We got home to still no ZESA (electricity).  It had been a week by then!  An hour later a visitor joined us, David Greene.  His father had driven him from Marondera (a town 1 hour east of Harare).  He is 20 years old and thinks he wants to be a doctor, so he is here to follow our doctors and see!  He has been following our doctors and is very enthusiastic about it all, so far.  He is here for 3 weeks with us!

Monday was a very busy day at the hospital because this is a day every week when people can't work in their fields to honor their ancestors.  So they all flock to the hospital!!  One of our clerks went on leave so we put Michael and Carolyn to work as clerks and weighing and doing vital signs!  Carolyn has been helping me do some computer work for my ART patients too.  Her dad didn't want her sitting during the holidays--so we are keeping her busy.

Wednesday I had to run to Harare again!!  This time we got home by 9 p.m. after leaving at 0500, so not too much of a killer of a trip!   We had to transfer money and buy needed drugs for the hospital so I had to go to sign the bank papers!  I hope no more trips over our road for a while!

Today David went out on our Vaccination and ART clinic and he really enjoyed that!  It was an hour away at Magororo.

It continues to rain hard and frequently so fields are growing and people are happy.  We still have no electricity 12 days later and they keep saying maybe tomorrow (every day since we have been out!).  Our solar works well but runs out because it has been cloudy and rainy and not charging so much!  We use our back-up generator when needed for operations and X-rays, but try not to use it everyday to save on diesel expenses.  We hope soon!

 Dr. Kajese and Baby Alexis

 Christine, Nancy, Carolyn and Michael and me

Pantomime Play

Group the Pantomime with the Christmas hats on!

 Nail time

 Christmas decorated at the hospital

One of my Christmas scrub tops

 Michael and Carolyn working in Out-patient Clinic


  1. You people are doing such a noble work of visiting the hospitals of Zimbawe. You people do celebrate your Christmas and other special events with these poor people and patients. Salute to your hardwork

  2. My absolute favorite blog. Keep up the great work!


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