This week we had many activities besides our work at the hospital.  Last weekend we had a great 3 days of rain and then it turned hot and dry the rest of the week!

On Wednesday the new "Bond" note that is the equivalent to US dollars was released in Zimbabwe.  It is only to use in Zimbabwe and is designed to get us out of the cash crisis we are in now.  We started to see them here by the end of the week.

Wednesday evening we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner (6 days late) as everyone was here and in Zimbabwe we can choose the date to celebrate since it is not a holiday here. Michael, Major's son, had made us promise to wait until he got home from college to have it since he enjoys eating so much!   We had chicken (turkey is hard to come by here and expensive) and all the trimming, even some Cranberry sauce sent from the US and pumpkin pies and green bean casserole and many more dishes.  There were 16 of us to eat.  They all stuffed themselves and enjoyed!

On Thursday our three medical students from University of Zimbabwe, Ruvimbo, Vimbai and Tariro left for Harare after finishing 3 1/2 weeks here seeing rural medicine as part of their studies.  They enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner before they left.

Thursday morning we had 2 special guests drops by.  Gloria Mukuze who is an ICU nurse in Santa Rosa, CA and her sister Solace Mukuze , who is an ER nurse in Melbourne,  Australia stopped by to say hi.  Their mom and home are in Mawhada about 40 minutes away.  Their older sister Cynthia teaches at the High School here.  Gloria hasn't been home in 15 years and so she is enjoying seeing everything again and all the changes!  These are my nieces through my sister Sylvia Majoni Brown who lives in Santa rosa.

On Friday Carolyn and Nancy began putting up my Christmas decorations.  They got a lot done and I continued on Saturday and Sunday and almost have my house in order.  I have a lot of decorations and lights!  I even started some Christmas baking!

On Saturday morning we had our AIDS support group for 5-10 year olds.  We refill their medicine, talk about adherence issues and had some video for them and then fed them mahewu (corn drink) and bread and eggs.  They enjoy this special time together.  We also have a support group for their caretakers at the same time which encourages them to take good care of their children.

It did rain hard on Saturday afternoon--we got almost an inch,  and it cooled us down for a few hours!  

The new Bond note

 University of Zimbabwe students


 Pumpkin pie time

Solace, Kathy and Gloria

 AIDS support group for kids

 Christmas is here!


  1. Christmas is one of the most fantastic event that came after a year and we wait for it throughout the year and these are mind blowing and lovely photography.really like it :)


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