Two ways to help Chidamoyo

Our Friends of Chidamoyo  Facebook page (check it out and Like us!) has two ways you can help us get money to help run the hospital.

Below is a copy of the post:

Friends--we wanted to let you know that we all have the opportunity to support Chidamoyo through our purchases on Amazon.  Under Amazon Smile program, Amazon will donate 0.5% of our purchase to Chidamoyo.

All you need to do is log into your existing Amazon account through the Amazon Smile page ( and select Chidamoyo as your charity (just type Chidamoyo into the word search).  Then each timer you shop, remember to log into your account through the Amazon Smile page.

Although the best way to support Chidamoyo is to donate directly (as 100% of the proceeds go to the hospital), we are excited that we have a way for us all to raise additional funds through something most of us already do quite a bit--shop on Amazon.  Please remember, however, that only 0.5% goes to Chidamoyo, so please don't alter your normal use of Amazon on behalf of Chidamoyo as Amazon gets 99.5% of what you spend.

Larry Gail

Our Benefit for Hope is September 16th, 2017

Major and I will be coming to the US for this very important fundraising event for Chidamoyo Hospital.  We hope we see many of you there.  If you can not come in person consider buying a ticket on line to help us raise money.  We appreciate all of you who help us in so many ways.  

This is a fun evening of food, drink and a live auction and more fun.  Please join us if you can.

Buy a ticket on:

More information on our Facebook page under Friends of Chidamoyo!


  1. Participating in a charitable work is a noble deed and if you are doing this for the hospital, its value is far more great. chidamoyo hospital is providing health care facilities to the needy and we must support this cause.


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