Sunday, July 16, 2017

Visitors from Australia, Happy 20th Carolyn, Unpacking container, lots waiting for delivery!

We were so happy to visit with Dr. Batsi Chiuerki and wife Charity and their three children who were visiting from Perth, Australia on the 7th of July.  They moved to Australia 12 years ago after working with them as our doctor at Makonde Christian Hospital.  It was so good to see them and with their children grown up!  We had a wonderful visit with them in Harare for a few hours.

Michael Major came home from University last week and he flew into Harare from South Africa.  We got to enjoy a lunch out and he drove me home from Harare last week.  My "driver "is back on his holiday so need to take advantage of it.

On Saturday the 8th of July we celebrated Caorlyn Mereki's 20th biorthday with a taco dinner and cake.  We also celebrated Michael's 24th birthday from May since he ad been away at University and we didn't get to celebrate in person with him.  Everyone had a great time at the party!

We spent time this past week unpacking the container we got recently.  We got all the boxes out and sorted in the hallway of the hospital.  I have been using Carolyn and Nancy who are on break from school to help me unpack and take things to their departments in the hospital.  We have received so much useful things that will keep us going for many months.  We are so thankful to everyone who helps us.

Two weeks ago we started a new program at the hospital for our AIDS patients that come on Monday mornings to have their Viral Loads tested.

We use our dining room and after drawing the patients we have Major give a special devotion for these patients and pray that the medicine will work for them.  We then give them time to share with one another how the medicine has helped their lives, to encourage one another with their testimonies.  We hope this will encourage them to continue their medicines and not default.  We have anywhere from 80-150 people for this session and we hope that it is encouraging to each of them and a ministry to them.

On Friday the 14th  we drove to Harare for the day to interview for our third doctor position.  We had hired a third doctor in April but he left after 3 weeks so we were looking still to fill that position.

We have offered the position to Dr. Vincent Mabika and hope that he will join us in August after he finishes his housemanship the end of July.  We pray he will work out for us and will help our busy work here.

There are lots of waiting women these days since there is no work in the fields and we have over 70 women waiting in the waiting shelter.  Maternity is keeping us very busy these days.  Every Sunday night the women sing and dance for the church service and we see how many are going to deliver!!

Winter is here now and most days it is in the low 80's during the day but as soon as the sun goes down it gets cold.  Down to mid-low 50's each night and early morning.  We are enjoying some fires in the fireplace these days!

 Dr. Chiureki and family with Kathy

 Michael's home from University

 Princess Carolyn on her birthday!

The Mereki family celebrating with Carolyn

Major giving devotions for our Viral Load patients

Unloading the Container

Major directing the unloading of the container

Pictures of Chidamoyo from the air

Lots of pregnant women singing and dancing at Sunday night church

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