Lots of mouths to feed!

Two medical students, Henry and Jeyam from Norwich, UK arrived on 22 July to be with us for 3 weeks of their elective studies.  They have completed 4 of 5 years and have been kept busy following our doctors in outpatients and inpatients and theater as well as drawing bloods for our ART patients.

During the week we continued to unpack boxes from the container that arrived recently.  We found several boxes of "Ebola outfits" that hospitals bought a couple of years ago during the scare in the US and now dumped unused.  We had Carolyn Mereki who was helping me to unpack put the whole suit on!  Scared a lot of people around the hospital.  We are using the suits for our men when they paint!

Last Saturday we had our younger kids for ART support group and their medicine supply as well as blood draws for viral loads.  We had 52 children from 5-12 years of age.

We also had Dr. Katzenstein from Stanford who is working with us in our kids on ART research and group, Dr. Ben Pensky from Stanford and Megan's faculty member for her research.  They also brought a Molecular Biologist from University of Dublin who is developing a viral load test to be run on one of our machines that does CD4s now.  Also a  Partners in Health doctor working in Rwanda and the person who runs the Lab where we are doing our research blood draws through from Harare, Junior.  They were here for lunch and most of the day.

On Sunday the 30th Henry celebrated his 22nd birthday with us and had the privilege of wearing our Chidamoyo Happy Birthday hat.  Later that day a group of 6 students, 1 teacher, 1 Zichire worker and 2 drivers showed up to spend the week with us.  They are working through an AIDS organization Zichire on a Global Health elective from University of Washington School of Nursing and Global Health.  They spent the week with us going out to well baby and ART clinics, helping with some month end reports and shadowing the doctors and nurses.  Some got to see a C/Section.  They left this morning after breakfast to trade with another group of 7 students who will be with us for this week.  We had Riley, Lyndseyy, Robby, May, Madeline and Emily as well as their teacher Jillyan and Annett from Zichire and driver Takunda.  We had a good time and they seemed to enjoy the work and the food!

Jeyam and Henry with Kathy

Jeyam and Henry  drawing blood from our ART kids

 ART kids getting their blood drawn

One of our ART kids who came to get her medicine and was happy!

Team from Stanford that visited

 Carolyn Mereki in the Ebola suit

Some of the students from UW and Jeyam and Henry

UW students and helpers


  1. It is really nice of you to be doing a great and helpful work for the needy children. Its great that more students are joining you in the great work and bringing more relief to children.


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