More visitors and National Church Conference

This past week I was very busy with visitors again.  We aren't letting the beds get cold!  Monday and Tuesday were holidays here--Hero's Day (similar to Veteran's Day in US) and so we were able to work half day at the hospital.  

Just before lunch I had a visit from the Dr. Erik Scharrer family from Nhowe Mission Hospital.  This is a Church of Christ non-instrumental mission northeast of Harare.  They came by to visit our hospital and share about how we do things that might help them.  I was happy to spend the afternoon with them before they traveled on to Harare and then home.

At 6:30 p.m. David Green from Marondera in Zimbabwe (East of Harare) showed up with 4 brothers--The Lachowscy's .  David spent a month with us in December last year as he is still trying to pursue a job in health care.  The brothers are all in medical school in Poland and were out visiting his family so they came to see a hospital in Zimbabwe.  They were able to do rounds two days with the doctors and help with some surgical procedures.  They seemed to really enjoy it.

On Tuesday afternoon Dr. David Katzenstein and 6 others joined us for 2 days to talk about our research grant from Gilead that we were granted recently.  We spent 2 days working out some of the details.  We were happy to have Dr. Anat from Israel back with us.  She is a medical anthropologist and helping us in finding some answers about our adolescent ART program.  She brought me some dates from Jerusalem--wow!!

Thursday morning I left early for Major and I to meet with the Japanese Embassy.  They have accepted an application for us to get a Fuji digital X-ray developer.  We went to orally present our need.  They will be making a site visit in September and let us know by February/March 2018 if we have been granted this wonderful gift.  This is something we really need and would dramatically cut down on the cost of X-rays for our patients from $20 a film to $1!!  Please pray for this to go through!

Friday morning at 3 a.m. 7 of us left for Mashoko Mission for our annual National Church Conference.  We arrived at 9 am in time for the morning meetings.  Major preached at 11 am.  We spent the night and left in the afternoon on Saturday arriving in Harare at 10 p.m.

Major and the other 4 slept until 3 a.m. and then left for Chidamoyo.  Carolyn Mereki and I stayed in Harare to do some shopping and doctor appointments and get our nails done in the morning.  The driver from Chidamoyo will be in tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) to pick us up!

Dr. Erik Scharrer

Dr. Erik Scharrer family with friend Taka and Kathy

 Dr. Isala making rounds with David Green and Lachowscy brother

Lachowscy's and David and Kathy

Dr. Katzenstein and visitors with staff as Dr. Munodawafa presents

 Singing and dancing at Mashoko church conference

Carolyn Mereki in front of dining hall at Mashoko

Major Mereki preaching at Mashoko Conference

Kathy, Patience, Carolyn and Major Mereki at Mashoko church conference


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