Happy Thanksgiving x 2, Go 49 ers!

Our family got to enjoy 2 Thanksgiving this year, which is nice since I am seldom home for Thanksgiving!  On Saturday the 23rd of November my Brother-in-law Mike Fish from Reno, his daughter Tracy from Folsom, CA and his son Greg and wife Peggy Fish from Elk Grove, CA joined my brother and his family and myself and 2 relatives from my sisters-in-law family and my Zimbabwe family for a Thanksgiving feast.  There were 16 of us and we had lots of food and lots of food.  It was great to be with them.

My best girlfriend from junior high and high school, Maureen Yost, came down for the family Thanksgiving.  1she was married to be sister-in-laws cousin.  We were always hoping we would be related for life and we have been!

On Sunday the 24th of November my nephew Marc and I traveled to Santa Clara as I had been given 49er tickets in Seattle in September.  We enjoyed an evening game and saw the 49ers win and become 10-1 for the season.  It was supposed to be a tight game and the 9ers blew them away!  Marc and I had so much fun and came home with a bit of a sore throat from all our cheering!

I turned around the next day and drove for my doctor’s appointment to Stanford.  Mapi (Sylvia’s son) and Gloria (Sylvia’s niece) took me down.  It looks like I will be having some minor surgery on January 16 to replace my right kidney stent and for assessment of my urethral constrictures.  I will go home same day and can travel back to Zimbabwe in February.  Right now, I have rebooked to leave on February 12.  We got to stop at the Cheesecake Factory and eat before heading home that evening.

On Tuesday Mapi and I met Gary LeDonne, a Chidamoyo board member, in Rohnert Park to look at a golf cart for Chidamoyo.  We have wanted one to run back and forth to the hospital from home and to get to our boreholes with tools to fix them.  It's battery operated and will save us on fuel.  We found the one we wanted and Mapi and I both drove it.  It will be delivered to our container next week!  Major was so excited to hear we got one.

Then we had Thanksgiving again on Thursday the 29th at Sylvia’s house with our relatives in town and my sister Kim travelled from Oregon to be with us!   We had 11 of us and we had a lot of food again.  We ate and enjoyed and played games after dinner and watched some football on TV!  What an enjoyable time it was!  We went to bed very full!  We tried to get rid of most of the leftovers, but we still have a lot.

This morning we (Sylvia and I) went to breakfast with my brother and sister-in-law at 0645!!  It was hard to get up and get going in the cold!  We have been having a cold spell here in CA and it got down to 26 F last night!  That is Minus 3 centigrade!!  Too cold for this Africa body!

Major has been in touch and life continues to be tough.  The government has decided now to fire all the consultants—so all doctors in Zimbabwe have been fired.  It has been called the silent genocide.  It has brought more and more patients to Chidamoyo as no government hospital is really working!  Pray for the added workload for our staff and hospital and that people can seek out help at mission hospitals.

 Great nephews Alec and Maximo and nephew Mapi

 Relatives preparing for our feast

 Family getting ready to eat

Aunt Kathy with Alec and Maximo

Enjoying the meal

Niece Tracy and Brother in law Mike

 Part of the family for pictures

 Go 49ers!

Enjoying game

Maureen Yost and me

 Thanksgiving #2

 Family enjoying the food!

 Sister Kim from Oregon

Look how cold it got this morning!  


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