How fun it was that I got to fly out to Kansas City, Missouri from CA on Thursday the 14th of November to attend International Conference of Missions (ICOM).

I was met at the airport by the Jeff Barringer family from Carl Junction, Missouri.  They worked as our Maintenance family from 1990-1996 at Chidamoyo.  Their three children, Isaac, Sarah and Bethany are now all grown up and have 8 children between the 3 of them.  It had been 4 years since I had seen them, so it was great.  They had rented a big house for all of us to stay in and on Friday their youngest Bethany and her husband and girls joined us.

Isaac Barringer and his wife and 2 girls are now missionaries in Cambodia and had just arrived home for their first furlough--only 2 months before they head back.  It was so great to visit with them and hear about their work.

The sessions were great and exciting to hear all the work going on throughout the world.  I also attended a class and saw many old friends.

The first day I saw Ziden and Helen Nutt, the founders of Chidamoyo Christian Hospital.  Enjoyed seeing many people from Zimbabwe now working in other areas of the world.

We enjoyed having dinner with Dr. Charlie Shafer and wife and 2 of their 5 children from Souix Falls, SD.  Charlie and Jan and their first son Derek worked with us at Chidamoyo in 1991 for 6 months!

Also saw some of my interns from years past who have gone on to ministry throughout the world.

On Friday the 15th of November I received word that Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick  (Chidamoyo alumni) from Stanford had delivered her first baby--daughter Eva.  We were all so happy to hear baby and mom and dad doing well!

I flew home on Monday the 18th and have enjoyed seeing some more friends here at home and catching up on work this week.  Our family is planning our Thanksgiving on Saturday afternoon (23rd) so everyone can come.  Then Sunday my nephew and I are off to see the 49er vs. Packer game in person!  Exciting week ahead!

Major wrote there have been some good rains so far and so he is busy getting our fields plowed and planted.  All government doctors were fired and not paid in November so Government hospitals, the medical school and most health care is non-existent in Zimbabwe.  Only mission hospitals are working!  We are thankful for that, but a bit overwhelmed!

 Debbie and Jeff Barringer

 Barringer family

 Main session of ICOM

 Tom Nutt and Carolyn and Mike Shragge from Good News Production

 Brent Brewer from Johnson Bible College, ex-Zim missionary

Beth Schmidt (Chidamoyo Alumni 1998) 

 Mr. and Mrs. Mpofu, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

 Dr. Charlie and Jan Shafer and family

 Ziden and Helen Nutt

 Fanny and Martha Nyamutora

Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick and Eva


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