Enjoyable time away at Rhino Camp

On Monday the 27th of July, Major and Patience and I left Chidamoyo for 4 days at Rhino Camp.  Its a 4 hour drive to Kariba and then a 1 hour boat drive down to Rhino Camp.  We arrived to large groups of hippo all around and some elephants munching the grass.

Major and Patience went fishing twice a day and I went out on a game ride once each evening.  In the morning I enjoyed just sitting in the sun and reading my book while elephants walked by in front of me, munching grass.

It was a wonderful and relaxing time.  Just a good time to get away and enjoy a change of scenery during Covid.

Fishing wasn't that good for Major and Patience but they caught enough for all of us at camp to have fresh fried Bream for our last dinner there.  Major doesn't eat fish but the rest of it loved it!

We returned home on Thursday afternoon.  Zimbabwe had started a very strict lockdown again due to Covid.  Now people have to have a letter from work to travel or otherwise stay at home. You must wear a mask anywhere away from home Stores are open 8am to 3 p.m. and there is a curfew 6 p.m. to 6 am.  

We now have close to 4,395 cases in the country and now the majority of cases are community transmission and not returning refugees.  There have been 97 deaths as of 7 August.  The majority of cases are in Harare and Bulawayo.  There are new cases in our Province and yesterday 2 cases reported 32 kms from us which resulted in 1 death.  We keep up all our precautions and limit people inside of our gate.  We also have kept our Outpatient department outside, wear masks and PPE.

We have continued to unload our container and have found a lot of PPE to use here!  We are so thankful for these donations.

Nurses throughout the country have continued their strike and most other health care workers have joined too.  That means hospitals are not functioning and more patients for us each day.  In Harare if you can't afford a private doctor you get no health care.

Prices continue to increase and the US dollar is 1:110.  Most of hospital workers make $40 US a month which buys very little.

Please continue to pray for the country which is suffering a lot.  Our hospital is the only hope for many people and Jesus is the only hope for the World.  Thank you to all who continue to support us financially and with prayers.

We look forward to a 2 day holiday on Monday and Tues next week (Hero's Day and Armed Forces Day), so we have a 4 day weekend coming up--yipee!  Planning to go to Batanai with Major and Patience (our rural home) for more relaxing.  As Major says "our job there is to eat and sleep!"  I like that job!!

Major and Patience and I at Lake Kariba, Rhino Camp

Major and Patience

Game viewing in the age of Covid

Dwaft  Mongoose

A Big Bream


The views from Rhino Camp!

Nothing like a Kariba sunset!


  1. I loved the sunset photograph. Being a photography enthusiast, I have always longed for taking photographs. I believe that the Zimbabwe hospital is the right spot for all the Adventure Happenings
    that excite me. Taking care of animals that need support is how compassionate humans can be towards fellow beings on the earth.

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