Batanai Farm


We spent the holiday weekend of August 8-11 at Major’s farm at Batanai.  Located 25 kms and 45 minutes of terrible road away from Chidamoyo, we went to enjoy our 2-day holiday of Hero’s and Defense Day and the weekend.  These are our last holidays before December.

We enjoyed the quiet of the bush and Major and his workers and Patience were busy working in their field harvesting sweet potatoes and planting potatoes.

I spent the time reading, watching Netflix on my iPad and napping!  Patience cooked and brought me tea and porridge every morning when I got up.  What a life!

It was very cool as winter is still here and was down to low 60’s at night and early morning.  I usually took my bucket bath about 11 am after it warmed up a bit!

I went to the field one day and watched as they worked and watered.  I laid in the sun on a cot and read.  That is why I like farming so much! Ha!

On Tuesday evening we came back to get ready to go to work on Wednesday and the rest of the week we were busy at the hospital since 2 days were holidays, we made up for it the rest of the week.  Government Hospitals still on strike and not seeing patients.  

Cases for Covid continue to increase and deaths too. As of 12-August-2020 there were 4893 cases and 122 deaths.  So far, no new cases here.  We keep praying for our staff and patients to be protected.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our work at Chidamoyo.

Watering land where we pulled beans so we can plow and replant

Maize and potatoes

Maize growing with watering

Sanyati River where we pump water from to water the field

Potatoes growing--very big!

Major moving water pipes

Sweet potato harvest--Patience and Major

Major resting at field while watering being done

Watering ground to plant maize

Sitting on porch in the morning drinking tea and looking towards Major's house


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