Goodbye Ammermans, Rileigh and John, Rachel--welcome new visitors and a new/used car!

We said goodbye to Ammerman's on Saturday the 18th of July.  After a quick 8 days they were on their way home.  We really enjoyed having them here and were sad it was over so soon.  They arrived home safely.

John and Rileigh left early on the morning on July 20th to go on to their new home in Kenya.  We had a fun time with them here and miss their fun and helpful attitudes!  We wish them well in Kenya as they have joined the teaching staff of Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi.  It is a private, Christian day school on the American system.  Lots of missionary kids.  You can follow them on their blog at:

We said to goodbye to Rachel Nutt on the 24th of July when she left here and spent a couple days in Harare before heading for S.A. and then home to the US on August 10th.  We wish her well as she starts her nursing program this month in Missouri and finishes her 2 year degree at Ozark Christian College.

The same day that Rachel left I was outside saying goodbye when a bee stung me on the forehead.  I have a tree full of bees and everyday they are attracted to my outside lights and swarm them just before dawn!  Immediately I swelled up and by the time I went to work my face was very swollen and my eyes almost swollen shut!  It took about 4 days to get back to normal!  I have been stung almost everyday and really swell up!

On July 26th we welcomed Gabriela Benavidez (Gabi), a college student from New Mexico.  She is pre-med and has been following Dr. Dale Erickson for the summer and he hooked us up and so she came to get some global experience for her resume.  She has been following the doctors and seeing lots of procedures.  She is very friendly and seems to be enjoying the work.

On July 28th we were joined by Xauer and Elliot who just finished their 4th year of medical school in Norwich, UK.  They were visiting Elliot's Aunt who was a doctor in Harare and wanted a rural experience.  They were only with us for 2 days but it was interesting meeting them and working with them.  It was very different for them!  They seemed to really enjoy it and really used their clinical skills--not many lab tests here to rely on!

On the 31st of July we went to Harare for a hospital board meeting with our other hospitals, Mashoko and Makonde.  While there we bought a new (to us) 2005 Land Cruiser station wagon.  Major had found the vehicle for sale and we had sold our lorry and tractor recently and had been looking for another vehicle for the hospital and to use for church work.

Already today (less than 24 hours after it arrive here) we used it to go get a patient at Kapfunde Clinic (48 kms away) who had a retained placenta after delivery and was bleeding heavily.  We got her in time to get it out and transfuse her for her large loss of blood.  We are thankful for this vehicle which will be a big help to us in our work.  It is high off the ground--has a roof rack and an extra fuel tank, 2 spare tires--brand new and new tires on!  Our driver says it is very nice and takes the bumps on our road smoothly!  We pray it will be useful to us in our work here!

Major saying goodbye to Rachel at the Hospital

Stung by bees!

Major welcoming Ellito and Xauer

Elliot in foreground and Xauer and Gabi in background drawing blood

Xauer and Gabi in background drawing blood for CD4 counts

 Our new vehicle a Toyota Land Cruiser Station Wagon


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