Youth conference, Flying out of Zimbabwe--now in Rome

Just the weekend before we left we had a 5 day youth meeting for our province at Chidamoyo.  They had over 380 youth that registered and by the time you included 200+ local youth the church was quite crowded.  We joined them for church on Sunday and the church was packed--people sitting in the windows, the floors and benches.  We enjoyed some special music by the youth and a visiting minister preached from Karoi.  It was all very fun for the youth.

We left Chidamoyo on Monday morning to spend a night in Harare before we left.  We enjoyed dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Kajese who are expecting their first baby in September.  She is getting bigger and only has 4 more weeks to go.

On Tuesday the 11th of August Major and I left Zimbabwe.  We flew from Harare to Johannesburg, South Africa and had a 4 hour wait until we continued on, so Michael who is in college near Joberg, Major's son, met us at the airport and we took him for an early dinner and boy way he happy!  He eats s lot of noodles because he doesn't like to cook much--so his chance for a real meal was exciting for him!

He walked us to the gate and we flew on Air France to Paris.  We didn't sleep much that night but got in at 5:30 a.m. and transferred to another plane to fly on to Rome, arriving at 9 a.m.  We took a taxi to our hotel.  While we waited for our room we walked to the Coliseum which is about at 15 minute walk away.  Came back, got to our room, took a shower and off for an afternoon of visiting some sights and finishing with an inside tour of the Coliseum.  We walked a lot and saw a lot.

We came home and had dinner at the hotel and were in bed by 9 p.m.--totally exhausted.  We were up at 0545 in order to eat breakfast and leave by 7:30 a.m. for a tour of the Vatican museums and the Sistene Chapel and St. Peter's church and square.  It was a wonderful tour and Major was very impressed.  

We then took our bus and got off to walk to Trivior Fountain which is under construction and has no water in it!    We did however find an excellent Gilato (ice cream) shop and enjoyed that.  We then took a  hop on and hop off bus to some of the best sites then got off to eat a late lunch and took the Metro home.  We came home to cool off and rest.  It is in the mid 90's everyday and coming from winter in Zimbabwe has been an adjustment!

We will go out soon to look for dinner and then tomorrow plan another day to look and learn around Rome! Chow!

 Major and I in front of the Coliseum

Major found his coke in Rome!

Major in front of Roman ruins

Major in church where Michelangelo's Moses is

Major in Vatican gardens

 Major in Vatican museum

Major and Kathy in St. Peter's church

Ceiling in Vatican museum

Major in St. Peter's Square--Vatican City


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