A Wedding for Chidamoyo

The past 2 weeks have been great at work--some slower days as there have been a few drops of rain here and there.  People are anxious to get their fields ready and plant soon, so only the very sick have been coming.

Unfortunately after a week on IV meds I had 6 good days and then sick again, so back on the IV meds, waiting for the culture, but am already feeling better.  I manage to work and do everything with my IV cannula in!  Patients kind of give me a strange look!

We were very happy yesterday to spend the day celebrating the wedding of two of our staff members who met here at the hospital and now are married.  Alvern Mparadziwa, our theater and ART nurse married Prisllar Chimbavaira, one of our data entry clerks.

They were married in Magunje--an hour towards Karoi from here.  We took 3 car loads of staff and enjoyed the day. It was very hot and crowded in the small church for the 2 and half hour ceremony, but we got outside and stayed there for the eating and reception as it was much cooler!

We are happy for our two staff members and glad we were able to be there to support them!  The hospital stayed quiet and no emergencies while we were away for the day--yeah!

Major has been away since early Friday morning with ministers and men from here and all over the country for a National Men's Conference in Harare.  There was great attendance and great fellowship.  They will be back later today.

 Mr. and Mrs. Mparadziwa

 Hospital staff with the bride and groom

Staff at the wedding


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  2. Great event for you guys thanks for sharing your pictures these are wonderful and best of luck..


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