Visitors to end the week

We had a busy week of work and on Thursday we were joined by Megan and Matt.  Megan is a Pathology resident from Stanford and is working with us on a Research project over the next year.  She had been home to California and just came back and wanted to come out to get some information for her project.  She brought her boyfriend Matt with her.

We put Megan to work in the Lab reading some samples for us and Matt helped Major put some paperwork in the computer.  They were a big help for us and we enjoyed having them around.

Yesterday, Friday, was Matt's birthday so we celebrated with a cake!  We were giving him a bad time that Hurricane Matthew was named for him since it was hitting FL on his birthday.

Friday evening we were joined by our surgery team of 4 people from Harare.  They arrived shortly after 9 p.m. and after they arrived I fed them dinner and then they went to work.  They worked all night after working all day in Harare!  They did 11 cases and finished at 0815 this morning after working all through the night.  They came for breakfast and then left for Harare and hopefully some sleep!  They were all exhausted!

Megan helped look at some of the samples they took during surgery and then she and Matt left for home in Harare about 12:30 p.m.  

I went into the pool cool down as it went up to 110 today and is 91 this evening at 9 p.m.!  Trying to keep cool and relax!

 Matt celebrating his birthday with Megan

 Our doctor working with Harare team

 Mai Kajese and her friend who came as the scrub nurses

Final cases for the night!


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  2. Looks you had a good experience at harare but on my whole night 11 cases done by doctors, no wonder it isn't an easy task. Hats off to the doctors.


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