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Life in the African bush continues

It has been awhile since I have written but life continues on. Sometimes it is discouraging, but we manage to keep going. In Zimbabwe we keep going on hoping for change and always “making a plan!” We manage to roll with the punches and keep coming up. Reminds me of those inflatable bozo clowns we had when we were kids, with weights in the bottom. You punch him and he comes right back up and always with a smile on his face! The hospital work continues to be a challenge. First we almost ran out of TB drugs—and all there is nothing you can substitute and it is important not to stop treatment and cause resistant TB. No one seemed to have any. We “borrowed” some from Makonde Hospital and we have enough for 1 month and assurances that more are on the way “soon.” Of course we have a lot of assurances for many things in Zimbabwe and they never seem to materialize—so we don’t hold our breath anymore because people aren’t going to revive us from all our apnea spells! Next we had a shortage of IV