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Tense times in Zimbabwe

Sorry it has been a month since I have written anything.    A month is almost gone from 2019! Life has been busy and interesting.   We celebrated New Years Eve at Batanai by having a band come and play music and hold a church service until midnight!  We didn't tell anyone but people were on the road waiting for something to happen!  We started the music and over 200 people came!  Then we showed movies and sang and danced the whole night to welcome in 2019!  At 6 a.m. we served tea and bread (there had been a shortage of bread over Christmas so we had been saving to have enough for NY Day!).  People had a great time and especially lots of kids came. We gave out sweets to all the kids the next morning!  We rested the whole day and then a heavy rain came as we headed for home and work the next day! On the weekend of January 11-13, Major and his wife and son Michael and I travelled to Juliasdale (3 hours East of Harare) into the mountains to attend the Memorial Service for my fr