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Abdundunt Blessings

Things are getting better each day since the fire on November 21 st . So many good things have come from the fire and the support and love from the community locally, from Karoi, Chinhoyi and throughout the country, the government and internationally have been overwhelming to us.   We are humbled and thankful. We had the electricians arrive on Saturday last week and put most of the hospital back on line.   Some of the wards and our AIDS Education wing need totally new wiring, so they are not yet back on line, but the rest of the hospital is.   They also put us back on line with the solar so we are back to 24/7 power at the hospital.   We are thankful to Gerald Khosa, our solar installer, who sent his electrician out and people from Chinhoyi ZESA to do this.   By Saturday afternoon we had power going to all the hospital where it was possible.    Tuesday we moved all the fridges and freezers back to the hospital that we have been keeping in our homes since we had no power at the h