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Another busy week

Last Saturday afternoon I drove to Batanai to deliver some fertilizer for my field.  I arrived just in time for a heavy rain storm.  Then we heard the MP (Minister of Parliament) for our area was having a meeting with the local community at Batanai, so we went to see him.  We were able to give him an update on the rebuilding of the kitchen/laundry at the hospital, and ask for more money to continue the project.   Then I drove home and got home to Day 4 with no electricity at Chidamoyo! My solar was out because it had been cloudy and rainy all day.  I watched a video on my computer and went to bed early! The rainy season and electricity seem not to be able to go together here--so everytime it rains we hold our breath because the electricity usually goes out and we never know for how many days!  We finally got electricity back on Monday--Day 6.  We all shouted for joy!  Makes life so good when it comes back! My kitchen remodel continues on.  They got the new laundry room mostly finis

Rainy January

This week the construction company came back to begin work on the fire damaged buildings again.  It has been 4 months that we have been waiting for money and for supplies.  We are happy to see them working again.  They have put up the trusses and blunderings for the roof.  They have been doing the beam filling in preparation for the roof.  We continue to pray that the money will keep coming and that we will be able to have a new kitchen and laundry this year. The rains continue and it is so great to be seeing green and crops growing so well this year.  We are so thankful for our new mower bought by the UK Trust last year that we can keep the grass low and free of hiding snakes around the mission.  We continue to pray that people will have a good harvest this year. On Monday I went to Harare to sign the final papers on the townhouse Sylvia and I bought in Harare.  We are so excited.  It was a long struggle for 5 months to get all the paperwork done, but we are so thankful it all w

Happy New Year 2015

New Years eve we brought in the New Year 2015 with a church service and fireworks at midnight.  The church was packed and we had a band that played church songs and lots of people in the community came to hang out to wait until midnight.  The firework show brought in the new year and everyone went home at 1 a.m. to sleep. I spent NY Day doing rounds at the hospital and then came home to take decorations down and put them away for another year. We had some big storms since 2015 began and good rain.  There was so much rain one day that the fields between Karoi and Chinhoyi filled to overflowing and blocked the road for several hours so no traffic could get to Harare or the boarder.  Cars that tried to pass got swept into fast flowing rivers and a big truck even got swept it was so powerful.  Our doctor was trying to go to Harare for a few days and had to come back and try again 3 days later. The planned remodeling of my kitchen has started.  The first part is to expand my pantry