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Let it rain and rain and rain

This is one our youth leaders who serves Communion every week in this shirt! Sadza after church at Mukowe--we saw the chicken before he saw the pot! BIG THANK YOU TO ZRSDP FOR THE SUPPLIES! The Headmaster receiving supplies from Major Simra, Lindsay and Shavonne on the scotch cart! Major check out how deep that river is! You can see part of the bridge is gone! We made it! We have had rain and rain all night long and into the afternoon today! That may not seem like alot to you--but usually we have 1-2 hours a day--so for us to get so much rain at once is very unusual. We got 105 mls so far (4 inches). We really needed it because it hadn't rain much in February. In fact we had only had 58.5 mls up until yesterday for the whole month. Crops are looking good and this big rains has really helped us to keeps those crops going. We were able to travel to one of our far away churches 2 weeks ago in an area called Mukowe. We took our 3 visitors Simra, Lindsay and Shavonne and took off o

The new generator has arrived!

The new generator being unloaded Major is so happy! Due to the generosity of many people especially, from Rotary Club of Sebastopol, Steve and Rosanne Prandini and friends, Larry Gail and Friends of Chidamoyo, a wonderful man in Ringwood, NJ and IDES we were able to purchase a new generator for the hospital. The last generator was brought 21 years ago and it was used then. For the past 2 years it has not been working well, eating up batteries (so we always had to have a car here to start it), not putting out more than 170 volts when we needed 220 and not allowing us to use it for X-rays, grinding mill and the air conditioner in theater. Through the generosity of so many donors we were able to purchase a new one and they delivered and set it up 6 days later! The generator arrived on Tuesday this week. It weighed about 3 tons and so they brought a lift on the truck to remove it with. Then we had 8 men to help roll it on poles and turn it to put it up on the stand that holds it! It took

Off to South Africa

Kathy and her residents team and Buddy Dr. Murenje and wife Staff lunch to say goodbye to Dr. Murenje Michael at Monte Casino in Joburg Michael and Major in Joberg Dinner with Zebedee Togarepi, Michael and Major in Polokwane On January 23rd Major and his 17 year old son Michael and I went to Polokwane, South Africa (15 hour drive from here) to have our Land Rover worked on. The turbo had broken in it and the car smoked all the way down. We met up with Zebedee Togarepi , a minister friend who went with us in his car. I rode with him and we followed the “smoking gun.” We spent the week with the car in the shop and enjoyed running around and being in a “developed country” with a KFC on every corner and 2 McDonalds. What more can you ask for? We enjoyed walking in a mall, window shopping, going to a movie and grocery shopping where they have everything and 10 brands of each. We spent a day driving to Johannesburg (2 hours from where we stayed) to show Michael a 10 lane highway and traffi