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Welcome home Ammermans and welcome Bailey

On July 2nd Bailey Lui from Seattle, Washington arrived.  She came to help us with some ministry projects and helped at the hospital.  She is from the same church as Cheri and Larry Gail--our Friends of Chidamoyo founders and they encouraged her to come.  We have enjoyed her and her willingness to help in everything.  She brought with her school uniforms donated by a school in Seattle and we gave them to Dandawa Primary School.  They were excited and thankful.   Their PE team performed for us in the uniforms! We were happy to welcome back home Bruce, Tod and Amy Ammerman (Fagan) after 42 years ago leaving Chidamoyo and moving to Harare and then 37 years since they left Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). John and Rileigh Schunk have spent the winter (US summer) with us before leaving for Kenya.  Rileigh is the daughter of Tod Ammerman.  She wanted her family to come back and see Chidamoyo while she was here and so she invited her grandfather, Aunt and father to come and see her. On the 8

In Deepest Sympathy

Born 1-February-1948 Taken to Heaven 5-July-2015 It was with great sadness that we learned late Sunday evening that our good friend, Mike Withers died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 67 years.  Mike and his wife Gilly established Chidamoyo UK Trust and have worked tirelessly for years raising money for many projects at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital. Mike and Gilly have come on many visits to Chidamoyo to work and help us in so many ways.  They were here last year in March and he spent lots of time working on plumbing, fixing things here and there that we gave him to do.  He put my complicated mosquito net up again after I took it down to wash it!  His work suit is still in my closet for his next planned trip here. They even brought 2 other couples with them on a visit to have a working vacation in Zimbabwe.  We put them all to work and they accomplished a lot in the weeks they were with us. Mike was quick of wit, always cheerful, had a smile on his face and loved being

The container arrives, Two new visitors, Surgeons here, a funeral and 4th of July

The container that was ready in January and got delayed because of the Longshoreman strike--finally arrived here at 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning!  We were so excited.  They took hardly anytime to unload it and then we couldn't wait to open it and get things out. We found tape and foleys and IV cannulas and gauze, gloves--all things we have been buying for the last several months.  We were about ready again to buy some more and the container came just in time to stock us up! We PTL for all the people who donated medical supplies and especially Sue and Gene Beckstead who go and collect all of it, store it in their garage and then pack it into the container. There is never an inch of space unused in our containers! This week turned out to be busy at the hospital as we prepared for the surgeon from Harare, Mr. Chihaka and our anesthesiologist, Dr. Kajese to arrive on Friday for surgeries.  We booked several people and got ready 2 rooms to operate in so we could move faster. On